Greetings! My name is Chris Silva, and I'm trying to locate some relatives in Brazil, Canada and Portugal. Around 1920 or 1930 three brothers (Arthur, Joao "Joe" and Julio "Julius" da Silva), children of my great-grandfather Jose da Silva and his wife Rosa Margarida left Foz do Arelho, which is near Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, heading for America. They settled in Pennsylvania. A brother whose name is unknown moved to Brazil.
       Staying behind in Foz do Arelho was a sister whose name is unknown and a brother named Francisco da Silva. He and his wife, whose name is unknown, had four children: Maria Luiza, Maria Alice, Luis and another boy whose name is unknown. Maria Luiza moved to Canada and the eldest boy died in his twenties. We lost contact with Francisco and his family at the death of my grandfather Joe Silva in 1970.
       You will find pictures of my da Silva ancestors on this page as well as a few others linked from here. If you have information you think is useful to me, e-mail me at
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