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Hi everyone, and welcome to the Chat Pack! Are you ready to chat? Well we all certainly hope so! On this board you're liable to find Charity, Chipette, FoxyRoxy, Indy, Roy-Neal, Shao and Waythorn chatting our heads off at varying times of day. We'd love to chat to you as well!

If you like Rescue Rangers, you're going to find it easy to strike up a conversation, as we're all Rangerphiles posting regularly on The Acorn Cafe, the place for Rescue Ranger discussion. However, the purpose of this board is to chat, get to know each other and have some fun, so the subject really isn't important.

The creator of this board is Chris "Dale" Birkett. The board is currently maintained by Regent and Head Chatter Steve "Indy" Hamrick. If you have any queries, please email him. There are some rules to follow here so I'd be grateful If you'd check them out before posting. Once again, any problems? E-mail and Indy will try to help.

Thank you to all the regular posters for keeping "The Chat Pack" alive and well, and to you for deciding to drop by. Hopefully it'll be around for a LONG time yet!

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In a little old town in Holland / By the little old Zuider Zee . . . (n/t) ("The Enduring Man-Child") (30-Jun-1999 21:40:27)

Anybody here? (Waythorn) (30-Jun-1999 18:06:29)

Waythorn's Journey (=:3) (30-Jun-1999 17:03:24)

Chapter Seven (=:3) (29-Jun-1999 23:53:05)

3 & 4, Vermont, Indy's property (n/t) (Charity) (29-Jun-1999 21:59:19)

Whoops! Almos' got intuh somebody's game theah! Anybody wanna chat up heah? (n/t) (Annie Mae Sue) (29-Jun-1999 20:26:55)

To Ye Monopolizing Chatters... (Indy) (29-Jun-1999 19:10:42)

4 & 2. Electric Company, and 60 to Charity. **U** (Indy) (29-Jun-1999 01:48:49)

2 & 3, Waterworks, I buy it. (Charity) (29-Jun-1999 00:03:51)