"Get an order of walnut walleroos, slip into a lavender jumpsuit, fill up on helium to get your voice right, and welcome to the Cafe!"
-Donny (poster at The Acorn Cafe)

Last revised: November 15, 2001

     First, a few words on stories and pictures at the Cafe -- Rangerphile stories and pictures are a large part of what keeps this community viable. While we welcome new contributions, it's helpful to know that there are some things we'd rather not see

     To aid the writers and readers of Rangerphile works, I have developed a large Ratings Guide for the bulk of Ranger fanfiction. You can consult the guide through the links here, organized by Author and by Title. I'll try to keep this updated as time allows. Readers can find this a valuable resource for deciding whether to read a story or not, and a writer can consult the guide to see what at least one Rangerphile thinks of the various stories--including the ones that stretch the limits of decency.

     When it comes to pictures, there is a wide range in the Rangerphile community. Some are essentially copies of screenshots, while others are wonderful original pictures made in the best tradition of the series. There have been a few pictures that frankly abuse the characters, and while people are free to express themselves, they won't be free to show such pictures here. The guideline I always try to follow is, a picture is decent when it portrays the Rangers in good taste. That's subjective, and I won't pretend it isn't. To my memory, I've only seen about a half-dozen pictures that I'd consider distasteful, so this statement is more of a word to the wise than anything else.

I want you to have fun at The Acorn Cafe, but I ask that you please keep these rules in mind:

1.) NO sexually related discussion

Meaning, no requests, links to, or discussion of RR pornography/erotica. (This includes sexual innuendos!) There will be some exceptions, like genetics (as we've gotten into discussions as to whether Chip and Gadget could have children or not) or a protest against Ranger erotica, BUT, if you feel you must mention something in this area, please clear it with me first!

2.) NO profanity (cussing)

"The Acorn Cafe", like RR, is intended for all ages. To my knowledge, most of the posters to "The Acorn Cafe" are old enough to see profanity, but it still bothers people (including me), and it just sounds nasty. (And yes, I do consider "hell," "damn/dammit," "pissed off," and "[blank] sucks" to be profanity. I know those are mild, but they can be used in the wrong way.)

3.) NO put downs/flames

Simply put, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Criticism is one thing, flaming is another. Nobody appreciates having their work/thoughts put down. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Pushing people around with your opinions is not encouraged. At some point or another, you will have someone who will differ with you, so just do your best to accept it gracefully. This is not to say that debates are not allowed at The Acorn Cafe, but they can be handled in a civil manner.

Important Reminders

If you violate any of these rules repeatedly, to a point where I think you're becoming a nuisance or a threat, be aware that I hold the right to remove you. A link to these rules are at the very top of the message board, so if you're ever unsure, please have a look at these guidelines, or e-mail me and I will be happy to help you! :)

Remember: I'm at smhamrick@msn.com

And that's it! Simple, eh?
-Indy Rangerphile,
Maintainer of "The Acorn Cafe" (A.K.A.: "The Defender of All Things Rangerish (D.A.R.T.)" ;)

Now with all that gibberish out of the way, go have fun!
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