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Date/Time:  Sat, 1/17/2004

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Subject:  A retelling of lore (I must be waaaaaay too tired if I did this...)



The Book of Ranger Love

   In the beginning, there were the Rangers, and lo, they were formed with a Series Bible that set both chipmunks on the path of romance with the beautiful girl mouse.  Thus is was that the Triangle of Love Eternal was made, and gave succor to the Writers, and their Muses made jokes, and whimsical situations, and running gags, and slapstick with it all.

   But came then the time of the End of the Series, and the Fans, of whom there were many, were satisfied not, thus they did write their own versions of events, and it was called Fan Fiction, and it was good.

   Now among the Fan Fiction there arose the Great Factions.

   First there was the group known as C+G, and they were many at first, and they did set Chip up with Gadget, and they lived happily ever after in many tales and stories.  Yet there were also those who believed not that it was to be so, and thus did they postulate that Dale should be with Gadget, or someone else, or no one.  Thus it was, is, and shall be.

   Now there was also one among the Rangers known as Foxglove, who had a Thing for Dale, and many loved her as much or more than Gadget.  And there arose a stolid Defender for her, the Man-Child, and a Champion, the J.A.M.  And together they build for her a Legend.  Thus did Dale find love in many stories, and Gadget fell to Chip, and there was much harmony and happiness in many legends and tales, for they fit well.

   And yet there arose among these others a Champion, and she was called Julie, and she carried a Magic Sword™, and didst wreak havoc in the name of the Anti's, and many tales were told of her power and might, and she is Respected in reverence to this day.

   And also among them arose another, one who understood those of C+G, but sensed greater Good could come only from Harmony.  Thus did he find another of similar talent, and did craft a shining epic, one which heralded a Change for all of Fan Fiction.  They were known as Indy and Chris Silva, and they told the Untold Ranger Tales.  These writings tell of a time when Dale and Gadget paired, and lo, it was groundbreaking, the first of its kind, and there was felt a mighty tremor in the Fan Fiction.

   Years have passed, and the C+G numbers have waned, though myths of their uncountable numbers and vast power remain, they are few and seldom seen, though their former might is known and respected just as others are.  The tides of Foxglove, too, have turned, and Muses for her tales are largely silent now.  And lo, the D+G members are multitudinous, and they grow strong in their own time.  Thus do the seasons shift and change, for there is for each a time and a place, and to each person their own opinion.

   And this is the Lesson and Message for this Tale: Put not too much faith in ye pairings, for the Future is ever in motion, and the stories of Fan Fiction are fluid and ever-changing.  All are as good as the other, and none can be judged save by their construction, and the skill of their authors.

   And yet time doth march onward, and none can say what romance may next be favored by the whims and fancies of the Readers . . . ?