The Lost RR Christmas Special
By Indy and Chris Silva

It was a snowy December in Central Park, with the pathways decorated for Christmas. Even some of the trees had wreaths on them, including the largest one in the park. A closer look revealed festive music, voices singing and the aroma of wonderful holiday goodies.

Inside Ranger headquarters, it was a blitz of red and green, with festoons, garland, lights and of course their very own Christmas tree. Chip had just climbed a ladder, carrying the star for the tree. Dale was humming “Jingle Bells”, running around the tree with a garland of fake pearls

Oboy, oboy! This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!” Dale said.

“You say that every year,” Chip replied, “but has any of them actually been noticeably better than any other?”

Dale gathered up more pearls. “Well, how about the first Christmas we all spent together as Rangers? That was pretty good. And every year’s gotten better, so this one’s got to be the best! Well, except for right now...”

While he’d been speaking Dale had lost concentration and had gotten his garland caught somehow on Chip’s ladder. The tree started to totter—Chip sighed, he should have known this would happen.

“Should I say ‘timber’ or wait for you to say it, dummy?” Chip said flatly.


At that unfortunate moment, Monty chose to emerge from the kitchen with his latest culinary masterpiece. “Hey lads, take a taste of me cheese—whoa!”

The big Aussie managed to run back into the kitchen just in time before the tree fell and took the two chipmunks with it. The resounding crash brought Gadget from her workshop and Zipper from his hole in the wall

“Hey, what’s going on?” Gadget said, then she saw it. “Oh no, not again! Dale, that makes four Christmases straight. When are you two going to learn some teamwork when it comes to decorating a tree?”

“Rudolf the red-nosed dummy just can’t decorate a tree without it being a disaster!” Chip said, pointing at Dale. The red-nosed one pointed back at Chip. “Well, maybe I could if Frosty the Slowmunk didn’t get on my case!”

Monty pulled them apart. “Oy now, lads, that’s no way to talk! Don’tcha know this is the time o’ year for everyone to get along? Wouldn’t want coal in your stockings now, would ya?”

Chip sighed and nodded. “He’s right, Dale. I’m sorry, I should’ve been more careful.  Give me a hand and we’ll get the tree back up.” Gadget smiled and in her usual cheery way came to help. “There now, that’s more like it. After all, it’s the season for sharing.”

“Yeah, and we were sharing more of that tree than we wanted!” Dale laughed.


Just then a knock came at the door. Monty answered it and stood there, staring. “Blimey! It’’s...”

“Who is it, Monty? Someone collecting for charity?” Dale asked.

Monty found his voice again. “Not quite, mate. But I think you all had better see this.” The other Rangers, including Zipper (who had replaced the star on top of the tree) came over. What to their wondering eyes should appear, but a little man wearing green and totally bereft of cheer.

“Hello there,” the little man said. “My name’s Norman. Are you the animals who help people?”

Chip kept everyone back, not knowing what this being’s intentions were. “Uh, yeah! But... what kind of animal are you?” Dale marched up to the little fellow, at eye level with him. “Can’t you see? He’s a leprechaun!”

Dale removed the little man’s hat to reveal two long, pointed ears. “Okay, maybe not...”

Norman nodded. “I’m an elf, actually. You see, some of us go out to different parts of the world to help with the N & N list and this was my year but now I’ve lost it and I’m in such trouble and CHRISTMAS MAY BE RUINED if you don’t help!”

“What!” Chip said. “You mean…you’re a real elf, from like the North Pole?”

“Where else are you going to find one?” Norman said. “I’d be there now except for this. Please, you’ve got to help. There’s so little time!”

“This sounds like a job for the Rescue Rangers!” Chip said.

Dale trumpeted his agreement. “We must save Christmas!”

Monty was a little more cautious. “Here now! Hold on a minute, there. How do we know this bloke’s on the level?” Gadget walked up next to Monty, agreeing. “Yes. I didn’t think there really were any elves. I don’t exactly believe in magic or anything like that.”

“Well,” Norman said, pointing behind them, “how do you explain that?”


The Rangers turned around to find it was snowing inside of Ranger Headquarters. Dale was overjoyed. Wowie zowie! It’s like being inside of a snow globe!”

“Golly and a half!” Gadget said. “There really are elves!”

Norman cleared his throat and snapped his fingers. The snow stopped. “Now that the demonstration’s over, let’s get to helping me. I can’t go back until I get that N & N list and finish it!”

“What’s an N & N list?” Gadget asked.

“Naughty and Nice, of course!” Dale said. “Just like in the song, right?”

“Yes, only he doesn’t make it anymore. Just too many kids. We have computer databases for that,” Norman said.

Chip pulled out his notebook. “Okay, what clues can you give us?”

“Well, I was a few blocks from here,” Norman began, “on my way to check the last few names when someone jumped me from behind. I didn’t see who it was at first, but then as I managed to turn around I could see a cat headed around the corner with my list!”

“Oh no!” Dale shouted. “Felix the cat has turned his powers to evil!”

Chip paused to gather himself. “Think, Dale. What cat do we know that would love to ruin Christmas?”

Dale did think. “Scar?”

Chip took on an annoyed look. “Try again...”

“I can’t think of any other famous evil cats!” Dale said. “Okay, we’ll just have to go with boring old Fat Cat.”

“It had to be him!” Gadget said. “But why would he want to ruin Christmas?”

“Are you kidding?” Monty said. “That fur-laden feline must have a coal factory going by now with all the naughtiness he does!”

Norman looked near-desperate. “So, can you help me? We’ve only got seven hours before I have to report back in. That’s just enough time for you-know-who to check the list twice before leaving!”

“Doesn’t he have redundant copies on disk or hard copies?” Gadget asked.

Norman shrugged. “We try to get him to use them, but go figure. He’s traditional.”

Chip took the lead. “Well, we need to follow FC.  To the Ranger Plane!”

“I hope I don’t lose my pension plan,” Norman said, following. “I’ve only been working at it for the last four centuries...”


Across town, at the Happy Tom Cat Food Factory, Fat Cat and his goon squad had gathered in Fat Cat’s plush office. The felonious feline sat behind his desk, eyeing the large scroll-shaped paper list in front of him. “Do any of you know what this list means to us?”

Mole raised his hand. “Uh, that if we’re on the Naughty side we don’t get candy?”

“I want a present this year!” Mepps protested. “I want on the Nice list!”

Wart picked up a pencil. “Maybe we can erase the Naughty marks and give it back, and Santa will never know!”

The goons reached for the list, but Fat Cat snatched it away.

“You probably don’t want my idea either,” Snout added.

Fat Cat sneered at the goons one and all. “As always, you mental midgets miss the point! This list contains all the names of the boys and girls that Santa has to check over before he can make his ride. If he doesn’t get it, then Santa can’t deliver any toys. No Santa, no Christmas!”

“How do we profit by stopping Christmas?” Wart asked.

Fat Cat stood up, a speculative grin on his face. “Think about it, gentlemen—and I use the term loosely. If there’s no Christmas, then Santa’s out of a job. As soon as he vacates, I’m headed for the North Pole. I’ll be more than glad to oversee all those kiddies getting their toys...FOR A HEALTHY MARKUP! I’ll make more money in one year than in all the capers I’ve ever pulled off! It’s brilliant!”

“I dunno, boss…” Mepps said. “I mean, we’ve done bad stuff before... but this seems... really, really bad.”

Fat Cat leaned over the desk. “That’s why I really, really like it!”

“And that’s why you’re really, really going to get it...from us!”


The villains looked about, then Fat Cat pointed, spotting them. “Get them!”

Mole suddenly snatched the list from FC’s hand and threw it to the Rangers. “Tell Santa I’m sorry!”

“No, you fool! Not now!” Fat Cat shouted.

Norman caught the scroll, then trained his attention on Fat Cat. “So, you thought to ruin Christmas, did you? Well, for that you can meet an old friend of mine. When all hope seems lost, call on the one and only Jack Frost!”

For a moment, nothing happened. Then the bad guys started to shiver. “Hey boss, you forget to pay the heating bill again?” Part of one wall froze solid, then with a tapping noise the section fell apart. A human-like being who appeared to be made of bluish ice floated into the room.

“Hey, Norman!” Jack Frost said. “You’d better get going, you know. Santa’s waiting and you know he likes to be punctual.”

“Thanks, Jack,” Norman said. “Meet my friends, the Rescue Rangers. And these other fellows are why I called you here.”

Jack rubbed his hands. “Ah, a cold reception is in order...”

As Norman motioned for the Rangers to get out, Jack began blowing a chilly wind through the cat factory. “Uh, b..b..b..boss...” Wart managed.

“I!” Fat Cat replied through chattering teeth. “Le..let’s get out..t..t of herrrre!”


Fat Cat and the goon squad vacated just in time. Soon the whole factory was a block of ice. The Rangers and Norman watched outside, satisfied. “Now that’s what I call one cool cat! Ha ha!” Dale said.

“Golly, I hope Mole gets a present from Santa for returning the list,” Gadget said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll see to it,” Norman said. “I upgraded him to ‘Nice’ for his deed. Now, it’s time for me to go. Thanks, Rescue Rangers, and you’ll find a token of my appreciation when you get back home. And now, for the last names on the list, which happen to be yours...”

Norman finished the list, and with that a strong cold wind blew through, causing the Rangers to shield themselves. When they looked again, Norman was gone.

“Hey, where’d he go?” Chip asked.

“I don’t know, he evaporated or something,” Dale said. “Well, we saved Christmas.  Lets go home and see the goodies!”

Monty liked that word. “I’m for that, pally. Chasing around elves and lists and all makes a bloke hungry!”


Soon the Rangers piled into the RangerWing and headed back for the treehouse. When they entered headquarters they stopped, blinking in surprise. All evidence of the snow was gone, and the place was decorated from stem to stern with wonderful Christmas lights, ornaments, etc. There were even five trees, each with a Ranger’s name on it and presents underneath.

Zowie...” Dale said, taking it all in. “Being one of the good guys sure paid off this year!”

“Golly, it’s tremendous! Thanks, Norman, wherever you are,” Gadget said.

As they went inside to inspect all the wonder of it, Chip and Dale noticed a particular item hanging from the ceiling. Chip called out, “Oh Gad-get, would you come over here for a minute?”

Gadget obliged, walking over to them. “Hey guys, what’s up?”

Dale grinned, pointing. “That is!”

Gadget looked up, and sure enough there was a sprig of mistletoe. The mouse inventor smiled knowingly at her two expectant friends. “Oh, all right. It is Christmas after all.”


First with one, then the other, Gadget shared a heartfelt kiss. Chip and Dale both were in total bliss and Monty and Zipper watched, grinning themselves. “Reckon that’s about the best Christmas present those two’ll get on any year,” Monty said. “Eh, what’s that, Zip?”

Zipper, standing on Monty’s shoulder, buzzed in his ear.

Oy, you’re right,” Monty replied. “There’s one last thing to be done.”

Monty went over and plugged in one last strand of lights, lighting up a flashing “Merry Christmas” message just above the Rangers. The five of them came together, waving at the camera.

“Merry Christmas, everyone!” the Rangers said.

“And send a present to me!” Dale added.

Zipper then whistled and smiled at Gadget, as he hovered under the mistletoe. Gadget grinned, laughing a little. “Okay, Zipper. You too...” She reached for him, and Zipper kissed her then gave a thumbs-up to the camera as the iris faded out.


Norman the elf is copyright Indy and Chris Silva. Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monterey Jack, Zipper, Fat Cat and the Goon Squad are copyright Disney and used without permission but with the utmost respect.