**NOTICE: The date of the ceremony has been moved back to 7 pm CST on Monday, December 22nd due to a Real Life (TM) scheduling conflict. My apologies for this late inconvenience**

       The Awards voting will begin November 1 and end at midnight on December 1. Votes will be e-mailed to Indy. Please use the subject header "Golden Acorn Votes" when you do so, to make it easier to catalogue them.

       All nominees for each category are available for viewing at the Nomination Page for this year's (2003) Golden Acorn Awards ceremony. The negligible turnout for the International awards necessitated that the few International nominees be merged into the US categories.

       For each category, you will select one (1) nominee for your vote. The voting period will also be used to determine the "All-Time Best" for the year 2003. The top overall vote-getters for each relevant category will be nominated, along with the winner in that category from the 2002 Golden Acorn Awards to determine an "All-Time Best" for the year 2003. The only exceptions are the Special Awards and the 2003 Rookie of the Year Award, and the 2003 Natasha Kashefipour Lifetime Achievement Award, for which you will vote on without nominations. You will find instructions for those two awards at the bottom of the Nomination Page.

       The 2002 "All-Time Best" winners will retain their titles for that year, and are permanently enshrined on the "All-Time Best" webpage. Previous "All Time Best" Winners are automatically eligible for the subsequent year's awards ceremony.

       The final award ceremony is currently scheduled to begin at 7pm US Central Time on December 22, 2003.

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