Partial List of Eligible Works

This list only includes written works, as an additional list of artwork would have been too voluminous to gather. For artwork, I suggest visiting the active sites of the current Rangerphile artists. This list of written works is NOT complete for all written works, but it is as complete as I could make it. If there are other works that should be listed here for the 2003 Golden Acorn Awards, either e-mail me or post at the Acorn Cafe.

8-Bit Star - "Ranger Fantasy 7"
8-Bit Star– “An Entirely Different Kind of Fanfic"
8-Bit Star - "A Fanfic That is Entirely the Same"
Andy aka MOnty - “The Romance of Liddy Rose”
AQD Robert – “That Wuz Dale, This Wuz Now”
BW (song parody) - “Melt Away”
BW - “Revelations Rebirth”
BW - “To the Rescue II: The New Rangers”
CD - “In A Different Timeline, Far Away From Reality”
CD – Mercy vignettes
CD – The "Evil Eisner" story

Cyber Daimyo - The "RR Celebrity Jeopardy" series Fish (graphic novel) – "Mice and Mayhem"
Foxhound - “Art of Magic”
Indy and Chris Silva - “A Dream For the Ages: Part 10 of the Untold Ranger Tales”
Indy and Chris Silva – “Cats Don’t Direct”
Jareth - “The Day the World Inverted”
Jareth – “The Return of Winifred”
KS - “Dreaming a Little Dream with Gadget”
KS (song parody) - “Tammy’s Mom”
KS - "The Wandering Feather"

Loneheart - "Gadget in Chains"
Loneheart - “The Last Will and Testament of Chip Maplewood”
Lotacats - “The Kase Of The Kitnapped Kat” on lotacats’ site
RedSwift - “All Smiles in the Darkness”
Ritz - "Little Red Riding Dale"
Ronnie Rabbit (song parody) -“Bring Me To Life”!
Ronnie Rabbit - “Broken Glass”
Ronnie Rabbit - “I'm With You”
Ronnie Rabbit - “Peak”
Ronnie Rabbit - “Small Stories”
Ronnie Rabbit - “Trite Fright Night II”
Rubber Chicken - “Fright Night Part: Part 1”
SomeGhol (poem) - “A small tribute to a good man”

Stitch - “Away From It All”
Stitch - “Who Wants Cake?”
Te’Targa - "Lena phone home or 2010 A Rescue Ranger Tale"
Flash/Thunderbolt - "RR's in Thorn Valley"
Flash/Thunderbolt – “Rescuers Down Under” story.
Flash/Thunderbolt - “101 Dalmations II/Moulin Rouge/RR Crossover”
Thunderbolt - “Flash The Wonder Dog - A RR/Oliver & Co./Superman multi crossover”
Thunderbolt - “Flash the Wonder Dog Movie I”
Thunderbolt - “Flash the Wonder Dog II”
Thunderbolt - “Flash The Wonder Dog III”
Thunderbolt - “Flash The Wonder Dog IV - An All Dogs Go To Heaven 1 & 2 /RR/The Haunting multi crossover”
Thunderbolt - “Flash The Wonder Dog V – A RR Halloween Special”
Thunderbolt - “Las Vegas 11 - An All Dogs Go To Heaven III / Oliver & Company / Rover Dangerfield / RR's / Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles multi crossover (Unfinished)”
Thunderbolt - “The Complete RR New York City Trilogy”

Urthquake - “The Lost Rangers”
Wayc - “Under the Glider”
Winston -“A Fleeting Reunion”
Winston - “Dust and Ashes”
Winston - “I'll Be Back Soon”
Winston - “Long Shadows”
Winston - "Shadow of the Past"
Winston - The "Typical Day" series
Zipper - "Neo Rangers"