Douglas Family Coat of Arms Douglas Family Coat of Arms Roger Douglas and Tecumseh

October 1, 1811
Mississippi Territory

Dear Abby,
Greetings to you, dear sister, and to all the family. The Shawnee are determined to stir up trouble for us here.

Word is that Tecumseh, the leader of the Shawnee, will come among the Muskogee in a few days and that has

the warriors coming from everywhere to see him. I have never seen so many Indians in one place, Abby.

I don't like it.
There is a heavy sense of anticipation of something evil in the air.

Pray for us

Your brother,

Roger Douglas


A new nation at war, the hottest year of the 19th century, the greatest earthquake to strike North America, a foreboding comet and eclipse, two cultures clashing in a bloody and bitter war that pits brother against brother--all this and more Roger Douglas will face in the five years that span the War of 1812 and the Creek Wars.

With his parents recently dead from smallpox, Roger Douglas must tackle an ever-changing world at sixteen and provide for his brothers and sisters. He leaves his Savannah, Georgia home in the fall of 1810 in search of the only allies he has--his late mother's tribe of Muskogee Creeks in the far-off town of Tuckabatchee in the Mississippi Territory.

Dangers threaten Roger's solemn oath to be a successful trader with the Muskogee--it is a time of turmoil, with talk of war among the Indian nations, not to mention disagreements between a young America and Great Britain. Roger has his own disagreements with a young Muskogee warrior named Standing Wolf, who hates the white men who invade his nation's territory.

Roger is not without allies. "Buck" Gates, a trading partner of Roger's late father, teaches the young man about trading and life. Among the Muskogee, Roger befriends Brave Hawk, a noble warrior of his own Wind clan. There is also Running Deer, promised to a reluctant Roger to seal the town's trade alliance with him. Roger will need all the friends he can get for the perilous times ahead.