Week 50 Winner - KS

Monty Scared Silly

Rennod - This week's "Surest Sign Monty's Having a Nightmare" caption

MONTY: "No, Doc! Say it ain't so! I can't be allergic ta Cheese!

John Pesterfield - And here's the second surest sign...

Monty: The cheese! It's gonna eat me!

Karl - Winner of the this week's "Most Painful Caption To Even Think About" award.

Monty: Eeep! Nice..kick..Gadget!

Ronnie Rabbit - This one totally mystifies me, but then I'm told that's usually a good thing...

Monty: "Crikey, lads, she's gone round the bend! There's PIES EVERYWHERE!!"

SomeGhol - This one just caught my interest for trying to imagine how Dale's face would look...

Monty: Dale, You ATE Zipper? I told him it was a bad idea to dress up as a chocholet fly for Queenie...

CD - Poor Zipper. Guess they never paid him enough attention...

Monty: It's all my fault. Why did I let Zipper tag along with those Hell's Insects?

Loneheart - Who are we going to pick on at Disney when Eisner's gone?

Monty: "I've just seen Eisner Talking to two guys from Pest Control! EVERYBODY RUN!!"

Nicky - The surest sign Monty won't support the EU...

Monty: Ya' don't understand lads, If the European Union tightens rules on what is Brie, there will be a SHORTAGE OF BRIE!

Robert Knaus - If I were Monty, I'd sure sue the "Crocodile Hunter" bunch for copyright infringement...

MONTY: Aaah, they're makin' a sequel to the Crocodile Hunter movie!

wetskunk -Winner of the week's "Most Obvious Fact About Monty"

Monty: No boys, I can't go five minutes without cheese.

Alan Foxfire - Well, you didn't REALLY think I'd use the other one, did you? ;-)

Monty: I can't believe Chip agreed to do a Rescue Rangers calender! He knows how bad I look in swim trunks!

Painless Doc Johnson - Winner of this week's "Monty in a Monty Python Scene" reference--in other words, I haven't the foggiest about this one ;-)

Monty: Crickey. I'm in Monty Python's Cheese Shop sketch!