Week 49 Winner - Kongo

Dale Just Has To Know

Karl - Hee hee, this one's precious...

Chip: If you're going to dress up as me, Dale - No CHOCOLATES in the POCKETS!!!

CD - This week's winner of the "Best Followup" Award. Hmm, I wonder what he'd say next...

Dale: What!? She really told you we have been secretly dating each other while you were busy with Tammy?

Rennod - Many things a man can stand, but cooties...ewwwww!

Dale: "OF COURSE/ I'm nervous about Foxglove! She's got COOTIES for crying out loud! Ya gotta help me, Chip!"

Ronnie Rabbit - Ooh, that's gotta hurt...

DALE: Sat... on... left handed... framwinkle... HELP....

The J.A.M. - Sounds like you know something I don't...

Dale: "Get a hold of yourself, Chip!! So what if Gadget's already married?? Tammy likes you!!"

John Pesterfield - Well, someone had to say it!

Dale: Zombies!

Robert Knaus - Now this is a true Dale emergency...

DALE: We're [i]out[/i] of chocolate?!?

Alan Foxfire - Winner of the "Most Accurate Portrayal of Dale's Medical Knowledge" Award...

Dale: Chip, quick! Gadget burnt her hand. Help me put a tourniquet around her neck and she'll be fine!

Painless Doc Johnson - I pity the munk that has to go up against Mister T!

Dale: But Chip! They're going to put us in a 'Mister T vs.' fan fiction and he's so much bigger than me!!

Schroeder - Actually, I only played the clarinet in school. Did it sound that bad? ;-)

Dale: "Indy's gonna play the tuba again!! Run!! Run for your life!!!"

Sturch - Winner of this week's "Caption Surest to Win the Approval of the City of Townsville" Award. I like saying "Mojo Jojo", anyways.

Dale: "But they don't have fingers! How can the Power Puff Girls pick up a phone if they don't have fingers?!"

KS - Well, here's another reason not to eat Ball Park Franks. No wonder "they plump when you cook 'em".

Dale: "Chip! Why didn't you tell me that hot dog was Fat Cat?!"