Week 48 Winner - John Pesterfield

A quiet moment under a streetlight

The J.A.M. - This week's winner of the "Most Dramatic Dialogue" Award. Boy, could this ever make the start of a nice fanfic!

Chip: "Dear Gadget, I love you with all my heart, but our love can never become what we want it to be. Its better if we leave things as they areasas they were before. It was wrong for usfor meto try to change them....Gadget, I love you, and Im sorry." Gadget: "[silent gasp]"

Rennod - Like the pages of the fanfics, so go the days of their lives...

CHIP: "It's not your fault the Anti's won't let us marry, Gadget. It's not you, it's me." GADGET: "Oh, Chip . . . first Dale, now this . . . I thought love was supposed to make people feel good."* - Meghan Brunner reference

Alan Foxfire - What happened to Tammy? Did her contract negotitations break down?

Chip : So, you heard about Tammy.... Gadget : *sigh* mmm-hmm

CD - Hmm...maybe Tammy's contract's okay after all...

CHIP: So, my relationship with Tammy forces me to leave you alone. GADGET: It's allright Chip, because honestly I've been secretly dating Dale all the while.

Robert Knaus - First Tammy, now Zipper? Wow, not a good day for the Rangers...

CHIP: Now, we all knew this day would come, but, aw man... GADGET: I know. [sigh] But Zipper's lifespan is much shorter than our own.

Karl - Whew--well, looks like our fearless fly's only lost...in CAT ALLEY!

Chip: "If you lost Zipper in Cat alley, why are we looking for him here?" Gadget: "The light is better over here."

Kongo - Whoops, there goes another Rescue Ranger...

Chip: "Don't feel bad Gadget, Dales the one who did it to himself." Gadget: "I hope his fur grows back, I told him not to pretend to be a salesman."

Zipper - It seems Dale's singing accident's going to haunt him for a while...

Chip:I'm sorry, but the operation was unsuccesfull Gadget: You meen Dale will have that silly song stuck in his head for the rest of his life?

Mole204 -Oops, things took a bad turn for our Hawaiian-shirt clad munk...

c-Poor Dale. He never should have gotten so near that sewing machine. g-Yes. But at least he'll leave a beautiful plushie.

Nicky - And now it's the villain..."it was a not a good day to leave home in the world of the Rescue Rangers".

Chip: I know Fat Cat was a villain and he hated us with a passion but I would never wish that on anyone. Gadget: And Dale will never eat another hot dog from this company again.

Ronnie Rabbit - This week's winner of the "Surest Revelation To Shock Gadget" Award...not that's it's true...

CHIP: "... it's true, Gadget. Me, Dale, all the guys at the Acorn Cafe - we only love you for your body." GADGET: "Not my intelligence or richly complex personality? Say it isn't so, Chip!"

Painless Doc Johnson -This one's a shocker, particularly for Julie!

Chip: But Gadget! All this time without telling us! How could you? Gadget: But I thought 'Betty Crocker' was an untraceable pen name!

KS - Well, I think this takes care of the Betty Crocker problem ;-)

Chip: Gadget, I'm sorry I mistook your latest invention for a snack. Gadget: And I'm sorry I made you swallow that Castor Oil so that you'd promptly disgorge it.

Sturch - I'm not tired of them--we're just warming up ;-)

C: " *Sigh* Another caption, what do you think they'll have us saying this week?" G: "My moneys on something 'love' realated."

Wetskunk - I know, it made me sad too...

Chip: It's just painful to deal with. Gadget: But Sully has to say goodby to Boo.