Week 47 Winner - Nicky

Musical Interlude?

Kongo - LOL! Great captionistic reference ;-) You win the "Best All-Time Reference to a Previous Caption" award

Dale: "But wait, what do I see? is she flapping back to me? Yeah shes flapping back to me!" Gadget: "Dale, now isn't to time to finish the song to Foxglove you started two cartions ago!"

Rennod - You mean she really DID? Golly and a half! You're a very close second on the "Best All-Time Reference" list.

Dale: "You mean you sold Chip into slavery just to free you and Zipper last week? Oh, no..." Gadget: "Can we talk about this later? It's not like you're next or anything..."

wetskunk - Can't have too many I.J. movie references :-).

Dale: Just like Indy, I can cross this with my eyes closed. Gadget: Well, maybe you better open them. Here comes a boulder and the villigers torched the rope.

Robert Knaus - Well, I think we all know why you didn't win (j/k--cute idea!)

DALE: Chip and his stupid Indiana Jones obsession... GADGET: Look on the bright side, Dale, at least we got to go to Nepal!

CD - As Yakko would say, that'd leave a mark!

Dale: Life's such a burden when you recently had your lower waist sliced off. Gadget: Look at the bright side. You now have to carry less weight.

KS - Hmm...I thought that would've been uplifting..

Dale: Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for' to carry me home... Gadget: Dale, could you please sing something a little more... uplifting?

Karl - Very funny..at least I think it is. This is about Foxy and Dale, right?

Dale: "ZZZZZZZ" Gadget: "He's asleep, Chip! I think it's a mixed-species-marriage thing."

The J.A.M. - This week's winner of "the surest sign Dale's about to scream" award

Gadget: Dale, I hate to tell you this, but a spider's about to land on your paws. Dale: Yeah, like I'm going to fall for THAT old trick...

Zipper - Do you really think he'd be brave enough to tell her that?

Dale: Gadget, your cooking tastes like WD-40. Gadget: Golly, how'd you know I use that as a non-stick agent?

Cyber Daimyo - I've never heard of Good Burger before. Is that like Burger King?

Dale: Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?