Week 46 Winner - Loneheart

That's a Shocker!

Zipper - Close, so close.

Gadget: Chip, I have a confession to make, Zipper and I are in love.

KS - Again, so close but Loneheart's was just slightly better.

Gadget: Golly, now that I've had time to think about it, I think I'll marry Zipper instead of you, Chip.

Rennod - Oh, she can be so innocently callous sometimes!

Caption: It's been said she doesn't notice them, but would she take it *this* far?

GADGET: You want just ONE slave? Oh, okay! Bye, Chip!

CD - I wouldn't put it past her...

Gadget: Actually Chip, I'm Lahwhinie. Going through all the trouble switching places again was really worth that kiss you gave me!

Sturch - Winner of the "Best Gadget Dialogue" Award

Gadget: "Captured a mans heart...check! Well captured the man, same thing. Tied a knot...check! So Chip when does the honeymoon begin?"

Karl - Literal is as literal does...

Gadget: But Chip, you said you wanted to "hang out with me and learn the ropes" of inventing!

Nicky - Uh oh, Chip. I think she smells B.O....

Gadget: Actually Chip, considering we have been on this island for three weeks without a shower or change of clothes, the rain is a good thing.

Robert Knaus - For Chip, I think once is enough in this case.

GADGET: So...what do you want to do on our next date?

Painless Doc Johnson - Chip, you sly boy ;-)

Gadget: Golly, when you said I'd look good in fishnets, i thought this is what you meant!

8-Bit Star - Looks like you'd better have those change of address cards ready...

Gadget: Michael Eisner is gonna leave us here until we get released on DVD, ya know.