Week 44 Winner - wetskunk (with help from Bitrot)

A Freefalling Frenetic Frenzy

Nicky - A great idea, but wetskunk had a slightly better angle on it

Gadget: Chip took the news of our engagement better than I thought he would. Dale: Yeah I expected him to get really mad.

Loneheart - One of the top ten situations you don't want to hear Gadget say "should"...

Dale: You say one parachute "should" be enough for both of us? Gadget: And failing that I plan to land on top of you.

Zipper - So it was a grudge all this time...

Dale: Eisner can be grumpy at times. Gadget: But to literally put us on the air. Golly thatís a bit extreme!

Kongo - Winner of the "Best Followup To a Previous Weekly Winner" award

Dale: Zowie! I didn't know you could still fly after using the personality transference device, Foxglove! Gadget: Uh OH! I can't!

Rennod - D+G, eh? Hmm...

DALE: "I told ya I was fallin' for ya, Gadget, but this is ridiculous!" GADGET: "I don't think the person who said love was like flying had this in mind!"

SomeGhol - Another D+G? Methinks I sense a pattern here...

Dale- Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts... I think I've lost my happy thoughts! Gadget- Hmph... I would think getting to hold my hand would be enough! Sheesh!

Sturch - Play on a theme, I see. They probably forgot the fairy dust ;-)

Dale: Tinkerbell said we have to think HAPPY thoughts, Gadget! Gadget: Golly! All I said was 'aren't we afraid of heights'?

Robert Knaus - Another D+G! Maybe I'd better get to work on part ten a little harder...

DALE: Uh Gadget, when I said I wanted a "unique" wedding, this isn't what I had in mind! GADGET: Oh, just hush and say "I Do" before we hit 5000 feet and have to pull the ripcords.

Karl - Frosting? Hands? Nope, still don't get it...

Gadget: "Happy, Dale? We're falling toward a vat containing approximately 853.4207 times our combined mass in warm, half-melted chocolate..." Dale: "That's OK, I'll let you have some! Geronimo!!!"