Week 43 Winners - KS, Robert Knaus, 8-Bit Star, CD, Jazz, Painless Doc Johnson, Nicky, Sturch, Zipper

A Chip Maplewood Nightmare

Kongo - Winner of the "Most Interesting Image To Imagine" Award

Tammy: Please Chip! Promise you won't tell my mom about the shrine I have, or the statue of you, made entirely out of chewed gum!

Schroeder - The best reason Chip's about to be in the doghouse...

Tammy: "Oops, was that Clarice?! Shouldn't have told her about our mystery date tonight...oh darn, oops again...ohhhhh..." Karl - I just don't get this one--I hope that's a good thing...

Tammy: "Oops! Maybe I shouldn't play 'guess who?' while frosting a cake!"