Week 42 Winner - Schroeder

Hat in the Wringer

Robert Knaus - Winner of the "Brownie Points" Award

CHIP: This never happened to Indiana Jones...

PDJ - Runner-up for the "Brownie Points" Award

Chip: Dang! This 'Authentic Harrison Ford Sweat' applicator is broken again! Nicky - Winner of the "Most Surreal Statement" Award

Chip: I don't understand, I get it wet, I wring it out but in the next scene it's completely back to normal. It's like I'm in a cartoon or something.

Bitrot - Winner of the "Best Followup To the Best Surreal Statement" Award

Chip: Wait! Did I just say, "scene"? ;)

8-Bit Star - Winner of the "We're Glad Chip's Standing There" Award

Chip: Don't mind me, folks. I'm only here so you don't have to see Dale wringing his shirt in the next screen. CD - Whoa, he sure does love that hat, doesn't he?

Chip: No! There is a chocolate stain on my hat! DALE!!!

Karl - Winner of the Scariest Thought of the Week Award....

Chip: "Don't worry, Zipper! I'll have you wrung dry in no time!"

KS - Ooh, now here's a nasty thought...of course your alternate was too, but we won't go there...

Chip: I've got to talk to those birds about where they 'do their business'... my hat can't take many more washings

Sprocket - Ah, can't ignore the classics...

Chip: "Who put a water balloon in my hat!? Dale!!"

SomeGhol - Winner of the "Better Have Eaten First Before You Think About This One!" Award.

CHIP- Who needs a towel? I'll just thwack Dale with this wrung out slug!

Rennod - So true, so true...

CHIP: "It's a good thing I bought 3 boxes of 50 of these things. Who said being an obsessive planner doesn't come in handy?"