Week 41 Winner - Zipper

Have Hairdryer, Will Travel

Painless Doc Johnson - Another revelation into Gadget's mysterious childhood...

Gadget: "I never had a teddy bear as a child, all I had was common household appliances. Say hello to Bernie, by the way."

Loneheart - Now here's a scary thought...Chale!--or would that be Dip? ;-)

Gadget: "I never could decide whether I liked Chip or Dale best. Now, thanks to that old book by Mr Frankenstein I found, I don't have to!"

Rennod - Winner of the "Caption That Makes You Go 'Hmm...'" Award

GADGET: "...That was so sweet of the guys to find a recording of Dad's voice for me..."

SomeGhol - Winner of the "So That's Why No One Calls Gadget Up For a Date" Award

Gadget: "Hah! With this new electro-shock trap not even telemarketers can come calling! I hope no one else calls between six and eight though..."

Bitrot - Winner of the Home Improvement Reference of the Week. Now if she'd been the Tool Time girl...well, actually the show would've ended the first time she said "should".

Gadget: "More power? Ha! Tim Allen, eat your heart out!"

Schroeder - Oh no! Gadget's discovered phone chatting!

Gadget: "But then, like, I said that you said that she said that *heeeeee* said..."

CD - Winner of the Scariest Thought of the Week Award....

Gadget: "When I switch this button, the entire lab will be in my power! Robots will go haywire, prototypes will self-desruct, and the screams of Nimnul will be heard throughout the land!"

Jazz - Gadget's a closet DuckTales fan? Who'd a thunk it!

Gadget: ".... life is like a hurricane, here in Duckburg!"

8-Bit Star - Ooh, it's gonna be cold 'round Headquarters!

Gadget: "I hope the boys won't mind that I had to borrow a part from our main source of heat for one of my inventions. Having to sleep in -130 degrees shouldn't hurt them that much..."

KS - Winner of the "I Didn't Notice That!" Award.

Gadget: "Isn't that cute, Chip's trying to nose his way into the picture!"

Karl - Winner of the "Best Reason to Use a Hair Dryer As a Stink Remover" Award.

Gadget: "Golly, that was some good sauerkraut, wasn't it?"