Week 40 Winner - Zipper

Gadget In Shock--Or Is It Shocks?

Rennod - I had to think long and hard between this one and Zipper's

MONTY: "Oh, Gadget, love, you left your toolbox back 'ere...what's this? Look like a love letter from Gadget! Who's it to, Zipper?"

Bitrot - This week's "Best In Character" Award

Monty: "What a bonzer flea market that was! Just 57 cents fer a nest'a baby tarantula! Wait'll the boys see this!"

Nicky - Winner of the "Question You Never Hope You Hear" Award

Monty: Never saw this before. I wonder what happens when I pull it?

Painless Doc Johnson - Oh, the harshness of reality ;-)

Monty: Gadget, i've been meaning to tell you this for a long time, but...you're animated.

Jazz - Hope you're feeling better! Wouldn't this be fatal at her size?

Monty: Gotta wasp on your back!

Sturch - AAAAAAAH! The fanfic writers will be lining up for this one...

Monty: Gadget, I'm in love with you.

Robert Knaus - Whoa, are we glad we can't smell this one...

MONTY: Ah, nothing like a picnic basket crammed full of limburger cheese, eh Gadget? Gadget...?

wetskunk - Well, that's one way to solve the angst!

Monty: Hey Gadget, I took care of your distractions. I tossed Chip and Dale out the back.