Week 39 Winner - Rennod (and all of us)

Lahwhinie Speechless

KS - A wonderful idea, and one worthy of recognition. Thanks, KS.

Luwhiney: What do you mean, 'Deborah's gone'?

Robert Knaus - Yeah, I bet that would be a shocker ;-)

LAWHINEY: You mean to say that men find Gadget attractive without makeup?!?

Schroder - Well, maybe *this* explains why Lahwhinie only got one episode ;-)

Lawhinie: "What do you mean, 'Don't look directly at the camera'?! Oh, *there's* the camera?!? OK, sorry, wait-take 157 then...*sigh* We'll *never* get outta here..."

SomeGhol - Definitely one con job too many ;-)

Lahwhinie: "What do you mean you don't think I'm Gadget? I've got goggles, a blue eye and a confused look on my face. Isn't that enough for your fan fic?"

Zipper - Winner of this week's Confusing Explanation Award

Caption: I Confess, I accidently made a toothbrush that split up my personalities into alterate me's.

Painless Doc Johnson - Reason #342 that Lahwhinie didn't get the job Gadget has...

Lawhiney: But I can't risk breaking a nail over some silly 'rangermobile' thingy!

CD - Post-Traumatic Marshmallow Syndrome!

Lawhiney: Marshmellows? No sorry, I`m not hungry.