Week 38 Winner - Q

Foxy Gets Dale's Attention

More Than Honorable Mentions

Jaleel - A-grade cute one, Jaleel!

Foxglove: "Well, the tag said 'wash with like colors' and 'remove promptly'. So..." *giggle*

CD - Um, she's not desperate, is she?

Foxglove: You`re trapped. If you slip out of your shirt you`ll fall. Just say yes to the marriage proposal I`m gonna make and you`ll be fine.

Jazz - The last thing you want to hear in that position...

Foxglove: "...and if I sneeze...."

Rennod - Well okay, almost the last thing...

Foxglove: "Dale, about those noose traps you set for the boogeyman ..."

Robert Knaus - No, this is the last thing! Honest!

FOXGLOVE: Dale, honey, why did you think it would be funny to put superglue in my breakfast cereal?

Mole204 - Winner of the "What's wrong with her--Gadget envy" award...

Foxglove: We're four meters up and I'm just asking you to drop that little date with Gadget...

Zipper - Winner of the "What's wrong with her--Dot Warner envy" award...

Foxglove: Dale, now that you can't go anywere, what are all of those pictures of Dot Warner doing on your wall?

Karl - Oh, now that hurts, even to think about it!

Foxglove: "Either I get a kiss, or I do this to your underwear."

Sprocket - Well, I didn't know what to make of yours, but hey you're a newbie! Welcome to the show!

Foxy: So, Dale. How's IT hangin'?