Week 37 Winner - Zipper

Gadget At the Computer

More Than Honorable Mentions

Nicky - I had to laugh at this one :-)

Gadget: Oh yes, theweatherchannel.com. A girl's got to have her guilty pleasures.

Q - The 80's Nostalgic Moment Award

Gadget: Hey it wants to play a game, Global Thermonuclear War. Golly this sounds like fun!

Loneheat - Ever the modest Gadget...but one must wonder what would happen if the boys tried to view any "non-approved" sites...

Gadget: My new internet content filter _should_ let the boys see any website they want... so long as it doesn't have a picture of me that's less then 85% jumpsuit blue!

Rennod - Sounds funny, but strange as well...Gadget in a nutshell!

Gadget: "*giggle* ... So this is where the fortunes in those cookies come from? Oh, wait'll Dale reads *this* one..."

Jazz - Winner of the "Tunnel King" award

Gadget: I call it the great escape! ;)

Karl - Maybe it's best that Gadget doesn't get around computers that much ;-)

Guys! My Robotic Buddha has finished digesting Nimnul! Got Fat Cat ready?