Week 36 Winners - Loki and Jazz

Jolly Rogers and the not-so-jolly Rangers

More Than Honorable Mentions

Robert Knaus - If you had just said left instead of right!

JOLLY ROGER: Exit is to your right, mateys. The usher will untie you

Karl an KS - Tie for the most revengeful statement of the week award

JOLLY ROGER: Ye'r goners! Eisner says "do it!" an' "We be done with rodents in THIS compan.... Waitaminit.."

Jolly Roger: Hate to do this to ye', but Mickey's the jealous type and is payin' me hansomely to get rid of ya's!

Q and Robert Knaus - Tie for the Gooniest Caption ;-)

Captain: No, One-Eyed Willy was not here, NOW SCRAM!!!!!

JOLLY ROGER: I told you what would happen if you made us watch The Goonies again, Dale...

Rennod - And because you deserve it (well, even you admitted it ;-)), groaner of the week...

Pi-Rat: *kicks open door* "Trick or--!! Oh, Blast, you're all tied up!"