Week 35 Winner - Nicky

Flash and Dale

More Than Honorable Mentions

Rennod - Gotta admit, it fits the pic!

FLASH: "Sorry, kid, but even a superhero can't make an exception for a fan. I gotta write you a ticket. The law says you gotta buckle up!"

Zipper - Who knew Dale was so famous?

Flash: Hey, Everybody look! Its Dale! Can I have your autograph? Its for my pup. Can you make it out to 'Flash the Wonder Dog'?

Karl - That'd leave a mark ;-)

Flash: "I promise! I'll NEVER retrieve the Ranger Plane again! REALLY!"

Robert Knaus - Oh, disappointment..

FLASH: ...but these masks don't come in chipmunk sizes!

KS - Winner of the Most Unexpected Caption of the Week Award

FLASH: But I thought you knew that all us tv canines were actually female. Anyhow, I really *would* like to go out with you.

Painless Doc Johnson - What's wrong with him? Movie envy...

Just because I got movie rights doesn't mean we can't still be friends, right Dale?