Week 181 Winner - Mr. Spumoni

  1. Mr. Spumoni - NOW he tells him...

    Monty: Dale lad, first it was gettin' bit by those glowin' spiders, then the microwave, now gettin hit by lightinin'. It ain't gonna happen me bucko, ya' gotta let da' superhero powers develop themselves mate!
  2. CD - Well, at least it wasn't mace...

    Monty: Crikey! I'll never underestimate stun guns again.
    Chip: Look on the bright side Dale: we got away with Clarice's laundry. Do you mind telling us now what you intended to do with her clothes?
  3. The J.A.M. - A weem-a-weh, a weem-a-weh...

    Gadget & Zipper: "The Simba Look"?
    Chip: "I never knew you'd actually go through with it."
    Monty: "Now mates, it sorta looks good on him..."
  4. Yunkel - From the lost episode, "The Ghost and Mr. Oakmont"

    Monty - I don't know you pallies, but for me this is proof enough that Dale saw a ghost.
  5. Loneheart - Heh--this one sort of fits the moment, considering the caption's been there nearly two years...

    Sorry, Rip-Van-Dale, but it's been over 20 years since the Monty, Gadget, Chip and Zipper you knew fought crime!
  6. Chris Hackwrench - Mice are easily amused by naive chipmunks

    Monty: I've said ya' Mate. That's the different between Gadj and you, she can dry herself after a bath with her new dryer-invention, you can't hahaha...
  7. Mayhem - Dale loves being lionized ;-)

    Monty: When I said I wanted you to have a "mane" look, I didn't mean that sort of "mains" look...
  8. Midnight Man - Why Dale Typically Doesn't Get Second Dates...

    Gadget: "Golly, Dale, what did you do in the washing machine?"
    Dale: "I'm clean, my shirt is clean, an' it went quick an' easy. Do I look good for my date?"
    Monty: "Depends on what yer datin', mate."
  9. bock's car - He should know better by now--but somehow we're happy he doesn't...

    Monty: So That's what a Tesla coil does. Thanks for for the demo, Gadget. Uh......., sorry about that, Dale.
    Dale: Glad I could help. Oooh, look at the colors!!!!
  10. ksharbaugh - Hope it's not allergy season...

    Monty: Lad, I warned ya not to plug your nose and mouth when ya sneeze.
  11. CrashBurn - Not all relationships in the RangerVerse stick--some just hurt ;-)

    Zipper: Woah!
    Gadget: Golly Dale, maybe you should leave that porcupine alone.
    Monty: Yea mate, you best stick with bats and mice.
    Chip: Haha.
  12. DJ_Gwendolynkatsche - Nah, give it more jalapeno!!!

    Monty: I think the chilli in the cafe was too strong for you!
  13. Bluewolf-Z - Actually, it was Sparky in disguise...

    Gadget: Golly! Monty, you never told us your static electricity trick can backfire!
    Monty: Crikey! Oi've nevah seen anyone overdo the rubbin' part before!
    Dale: Wh-wh-when wh-wh-where y-y-you p-p-planing t-t-to t-t-tell uz-z-z?
  14. pupspals - Something tells me that was a very painful day ;-)

    Deleted scene from Catteries not Included:

    Chip: You're right, Monty! Rubbing something furry does produce static electricity!
  15. Racebest - Things the Rangers Did After the Series #8117: Commercial Cameo Tryouts...

    Dale: "What do you mean 'It's so Easy a Cavemunk can do it?!"
  16. PensacolaRanger - Dale learns the value of getting rechargeable batteries vs fighting for the alkalines...

    Uh... lost another fight with Sparky, didn't ya?
  17. Congo Jack - On the set of "Catteries Not Included"...

    Chip: This hedgehog stunt double doesnít look like Dale!
    Gadget: Donít worry, Chip, they will correct that on computers. Some day all stunts will be artificial.
    Hedgehog stunt double: And Iíll starve to death.
  18. Nyperold - Hmm...now which Neal would that be...

    Monty: Bloimey! Remoinds me of the toime Oi tangled with an electric eel with Neal! We gave 'im what for! ... Or did 'e give us four watts?
  19. Dr. Indy - The wise sage speaketh...

    Monty: You know, Dale, I might've saved you that fate. It's like I always say, never try to kiss a girl on a first date who knows her way around high voltage...maybe not even a second date, for that matter...
  20. Lilacstarprint - This week's winner of the Best Flashback to a Previous Caption award...

    Monty: Crikey, Pally! Your turn in the sonic shower looks worse than the time Gadget went through it.
  21. Desert Mouse - Dale Oakmont: Sweet Thief (dah dah DAH dum!)

    Gadget: "Dale how could you?"
    Monty: "Great idea Gadgetlove, you found the sweet thief, a few capacitors wraped in candy bar wappers did the trick!"
    Chip: " Boy, are you grounded!"
  22. Blackadder - Things the Rangers Did After the Show #5634: Dale Attempts to Modernize...


    Gadget: Well, the dye came right out, but it'll take a lot more to get the super glue out!
    Monty: Give it up lad, the "punk" look just doesn't work for you!
  23. Schroeder - Dale never could handle sequels...

    Monty: "Guess we oughta bring that "Jungle Book 2" DVD back to the rental store, then, eh?"
  24. geminib1 - It's Captain Caffeine!!!

    Monty: Dale m'lad. "Red Bull Gives you Wings" is only a slogan. You should have figured that out after drinking the first six cans
  25. Guukan Kitsune - Yeah, but there's pecks, and there's pecks ;-)

    Monty: Gadget, what did you do to him?
    Gadget: All I did was give him a, what is it again, "peck on the cheek".