Week 140 Winner - Lotacats

Mole: Now, each of you take an egg...
Mepps: Why do we have to do this, anyway?
Wart: Because Fat Cat kidnapped the Easter Bunny and we have to make up the quota!
Loki - Things the Ranger Villains did after the show #253: The Goon Squad's Cooking Show...

Mepps: Next it says, "Separate two eggs".
Mole: Does it say how far to separate them?
Wart: You want me to take one of them?

Stitch - Something tells me the Easter Bunny might be bit behind this year...

Mepps: That's it, Mr. Bunny, just keep 'em comin' if you know what's good for you.
Mole: Heyyyy, these ones aren't all pink and swirly... they're just plain ol' white!
Wart: Guys, I know Fat Cat's an evil genius and all, but explain to me again how cornering the market on Easter Eggs is supposed to help us take over the world?

bock's car 509 - Er, okay, way behind...

Mepps: Why are we doing this again?
Mole: Because it's one of Fat Cat's favorite holidays.
Wart: Besides, do you want to tell him the truth about the Easter Bunny?

Mullet Man - 7.3 seconds before they find out they don't know how to make a candy bar...

MEPPS: Are you sure you know how to make a candy bar?
MOLE: I hope so, I never got to taste one before.
WART: Let's make enough candy bars to feed an army!

Obi-Wan Maplewood - Talk about your ancient blunders...

MOLE: OK, I'm holding both eggs, my arms are streched out, the primary stars are aligned, and there's a full moon out. Now what do I do?
MEPPS: Beats me. I spent most of my Ancient Babylonian class playing games on my calculator.
WART: I told Fat Cat to stick to devices that were simple to operate, but nooooo....