Week 123 Winner - pupspals

Chip: No cases for a month! I'm bored out of my skull.
Dale: Oh boy! That means day 23 of the Parcheesi tournament will commence right on time!
Gadget: And I can try out my new Dice-O-Matic dice shaker-upper with the optional sandwich slicer!
MegaDale - Unaired Ranger Episode #71: Run, Chip, Run!

Chip: It's not that I don't appreciate the offer but why there?
Dale: Don't worry Chip, Tammy's mom said we can stay with them till we rebuild our home.
Gadget: Golly who knew it would blow up the whole tree? Well at least now I know what not to add when making a new fuel formula.

lotacats - Don't leave out, "So which way is up again?"

Gadget: "I feel I can get it right...let's see...I will throw myself to the ground and miss....right???"
Dale: "I feel so one with it all."
Chip: {thinking} Lemme guess. Which are the worst things to hear in the cockpit...? Oops? Hey..watch this? Uhoh? Where's the brakes? Beeping, flashing, beeping, little colored lights... what's it all mean? *sigh*

Stitch - Behind the scenes: How fanfics really affect the Rangers...

Chip: "...mumble mumble... meaningless... grumble... bleakness of existence... mumble... angst... forlorn... dejected... grumble..."
Dale: "Hee hee! Clowns are funny!"
Gadget: "We're on our way back from a 'Rescue Rangers' fanfic convention, for those of you just joining us."

Mole204 - When they knew the series was over: Dealing with the lawyers...

Chip - Three hours of contract negotiacions and all I got was this lousy headace.
Dale - And a box of dougnuts.
Gadget - No, they drained the fuel tanks to cover that. Seatbelts, people.

Loneheart - A wise dog once said "Haste Makes Waste"...yes, it was Droopy...bonus if you can name the title of the short in which he said it...

Chip: Aw, I knew it was Lawhiney all the time...
Dale: So the wedding and the three week honeymoon in a country with no extridition was a clever plan to draw her into the open?
Gadget: Now that I can date anyone I want, I'm a free mouse in every sense. I guess you'd call that alls well that ends well.

SomeGhol - Plagiarism: The Underestimated Crime...btw, was that last sentence a pun...

Chip: No cases for a month! I'm bored out of my skull!
Dale: Gee Chip, I thought the Judge was pretty lenient.
Gadget: Golly, I never knew plagiarism could net such creative sentences!

Obi-Wan Maplewood - And I think it's safe to say she never will...

Dale: We're going to Greece! Zowie!! I wonder if we'll run into Xena?!
Gadget: C'mon, honey, lighten up. It'll be fun!
Chip: You still haven't grasped the concept of a "honeymoon," have you, Gadget?

Chip Chap - Hmm...pandarocks...paradox...

Gadget: Hello everyone, we're on our way to the zoo to visit our friend Mr. Panda.
Dale: Yeah, Mr. Panda rocks!
Chip: Great, Gadget's talking to her imaginary fans again... we have to get a case soon.

remie23 - With phsyics, as with everything, it's all about perception...

Gadget: now in time dilation, two events are occuring at the same location in one frame will be separated by a longer time interval in a frame moving relative to the first...
Chip: Here we go again...
Dale: zzzzz.... snore..... applecore... baltimore... who's your friend... zzzzzzzzz...snore.. whistle....

Sabrina - Yes, I had to do a Google search to see who Serious Sam was. Ye olde generation gap strikes again...

Chip: Oh, I wish that we didn't enter Nimnul's dimensional portal.
Dale: Hey, isn't that Serious Sam up ahead?
Gadget: Maybe he must be after Fat Cat's goons who are trying to change history.

Karl - This one really stinks--and I can get away with saying that! Bwa ha ha!

Gadget: We've just passed the halfway point!
Dale: That's not all I've passed.
Chip: I am well aware of that fact, Dale.