Week 107 Winner - pupspals

Chip: Dale, what are you changing the channel to now?
Dale: It's a great new reality show about fans of ours, called 'The Acorn Cafe'! Sometimes, I think they don't even know we can see them...

Stitch - Now you know why Dale doesn't own credit cards...

Chip: Put the phone down, Dale.
Dale: But if we act now we get not only the TurboDeluxe Salad Spinner at half price but also twelve boxes of gourmet seasoned croutons (a $21 value) at no additional charge!

JPesterfield - Yep, I believe it could happen...

Chip: The Brightness knob doesn't work like that!
Dale: It does so! I can feel myself getting smarter already.

Chris Silva - Will Indy triumph? Tune in next week and see... Dale: Oh boy, it's my favorite tv show "Acorn Cafe!"
Chip: Oh great, more Indy angst.

Karl - Actually, that would concern me, too...

Chip: Why am I enjoying this? That worries me.
Dale: Dance dance revolution ROCKS!

Jazz - And I bet you thought he was born that way...

Chip: So how do I get a nose like yours?
Dale: You just pick the colour like so and away we go!

MegaDale - Remote withdrawals...

Chip:Your getting warmer....now your getting colder...oh now your getting ice cold now.
Dale:Oooo why did you have to go and hide the remote on me just cuz I like to channel surf once in a while!

Cyber Daimyo - Heroes in a halfshell...Turtle Power!

Chip: Hey, Dale, what are you so happy about?
Dale: It's about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it's coming on right now!