Week 106 Winner - CD

Chip: Long ago and far a-way...
Clarice: Chip's a great singer, but a good guitarist is hard to pass up.
Dale: Never met a girl, like my little Clar-ice...her name drives me in-sane...

MegaDale - Oboy, the Clarice/Gadget war is about to begin... Chip:"You are soooooo beautiful to me"
Clarice:Aww that's so sweet,he's singing to me.
Dale:Really? I thought he was singing to Gadget, she's sitting out there in the audience.

pupspals - Strap on those helmets, folks. War's never pretty...

Chip: Boy, it's nice to get the old gang back together!
Clarice: So what's this I hear about someone named Gadget?
Dale: ... ahhhh... how do you finger a G7 chord again?

KS - Hmm...well, I guess we know who won the war...

Chip: Gadget? What kind of gadget?
Dale: Foxglove? Isn't that a flower?
Clarice: Ah, the power of pheremones.

Obi-Wan Maplewood - This week's winner of "The Latest Addition to the Ten Most Awkward Moments of All Time" award...

CHIP: In case you're wondering, Dale and I aren't the two chipmunks you see on "Rescue Rangers..."
CLARICE: ...Those two are actually my children!
DALE: You find them in the lobby, on their knees and profusely trying to explain the whole thing to Gadget and Foxglove...

Nicky - Things the Rangers did after the show #479: The Nightclub Circuit...

Clarice: I knew you boys would be back.
Chip: Only because our checks ran out from Disney.
Dale: You don't want to know what Gadget is doing.

Loneheart - Okay, who took the metamorphicizer when I wasn't looking...

Chip: Are you sure this is what you want?
Gadget: Definately! I'm so much more comfortable with myself since the species swap operation.
Dale: Do you think they'd let me use the left over parts?

Dumpster Side - One quiet night at the Acorns, back in the Fifties...

Chip: Hey Dale, you ever wonder what the future will hold for us?
Clarice: You guys will probably become crime fighters and forget all about me.
Dale: I doubt that! We would never forget you.

Karl - Later that night in the Fifties, Dale gets an idea that gets them fired...

Chip: "Hey Clarisse! There's two of you!"
Clarisse: "Chip's and beer go well together, huhh?"
Dale: "Wait 'till he passes out, we can pose him and take pictures!"