GA Subplot Story

::The tropical sun was but a red sliver over the water as Honolulu prepared for a night of Rangerish fun. Already vehicles of every sort filled the streets in front of the host theater, paying homage to the grandiose scene. Just out of the waving spotlights, in the theater's nearby alleyway, five animals watched the goings-on with interest. One of them watched with more interest than the rest—so much so that the cat didn't notice the mole that climbed up on a garbage can behind him until he lost his balance::

Mole: Whoa, help!

::The mole fell into the pudgy cat's arms--whereupon he immediately dropped him::

Fat Cat: How many times must I tell you, never attract attention!

Wart: Boss, how are we supposed to not attract attention, everyone knows what we look like and they're probably expecting us to try to rob the awards. They're already waiting for us, I'd bet. Why don't we try to steal a Golden Globe or an Emmy or something, they'll never expect that!

Mepps: Uhhh, do I look like Magnum P.I. in this Hawaiian shirt?

::Snout started laughing::

Snout: Mepps, you look like Dale!

::Mepps laughed too, striking a wild pose::

Mepps: Wow it pow it!!!

Mole: No, that's no it. He says cow-y how-y.

Wart: Yowie Maui!!

::Fat Cat went to the trouble of pushing and pulling each of his goons into a line, then worked his way down the line, giving each a knock on the head::

Fat Cat: Silence, Idiots! I will not be diverted from my plan. I will get an award! This time my plan is foolproof!

::Fat Cat said in triumph, then looked at his goon squad and his confidence seemed to fade::

Fat Cat: Well, you'll all be the test of that, I suppose.

Mepps: Wart's right, boss. We've been trying to get those awards for years. Why don't we go do something fun?

Mole: Can we go somewhere and get a candy bar?

Fat Cat: No, I won't have it! Now listen, all we have to do is go backstage. They're still unpacking the awards.

Snout: Actually, that big native restaurant we passed didn't look too bad...

::Fat Cat grabbed the protesting lot of them and pulled them with him into the alley::

Fat Cat: You just can't find good help nowadays...

::Meanwhile, among the things Fat Cat had failed to notice was a security camera above the theater's side entrance. Inside, the Rangers watched in an alcove as the crime kitty pulled and pushed his reluctant minions inside::

Chip: He never gives up, does he.

Gadget: Well, I suppose you can't blame him for trying. After all, you know how failure gets to him.

Dale: Why don't we drop the net on him now? They can't even say Wowie Zowie.

Chip: They're still too close to the exit doors. Let's wait until they can't escape.

Dale: Wouldn't it be ironic if while we're all focused on Fat Can and his goons, a new, totally unexpected villain were to surprise us and try to steal the awards?

Chip: Dale, you're so bizarre sometimes.

Gadget: Golly, this net deployer should work with no problems, I modified it while the installers where on their coffee break.

Monty: Gadget luv, it's a net. It drops. Gravity does all the work.

Gadget: Well, it seemed like too inefficient to leave it to gravity, so I just made a few adjustments.

Monty: Then I'm glad I won't be the one under it.

::As the Rangers watched and chatted, backstage was a flurry of activity. Stage hands moved props and equipment, including several large boxes. In the middle of it all one well-dressed person tapped a stage hand's shoulder::

Modern Times: Excuse me, have you seen Dr. Indy? I'm supposed to contact him about my speech.

Stage Hand: Sorry kid, don't know him. Say, if you got a minute, I could sure use a hand with this big box. Grab the dolly's handle with me.

::The young man shrugged and lent a hand. Soon they had the box in a corner near the theater's outside wall::

Stage Hand: Thanks, kid. What's your name?

Modern Times: Modern Times. I'm rookie of the year this time.

Stage Hand: Oh, that's good I guess. Better get back to work.

::As the stage hand left, Modern Times took a look around and turned to go back to the main seating area when the floor disappeared from beneath him. All he got out was a muted yell before all was silence backstage::


::Fat Cat watched his chance, praying the Goon Squad wouldn't spoil it this year. They stayed quiet, hidden with him behind a short row of barrels backstage. When some of the hands left to set up some props onstage, the felonious feline made his move::

Fat Cat: All right, you doddering dopes, try not to trip over something.

::When they reached the boxes the trophies were in, it took the five of them to lift the lid. What met their eyes had Fat Cat's dancing with glee. The crafty cat lifted the award from its handcrafted Brazilian rosewood case and even took a moment to admire his reflection in the gold::

Fat Cat: Ahhh, at last. I have what I deserve, the Lifetime Achievement award. What I deserve, for being the greatest villain of all!

Wart: Come on boss, we actually got one, let's run before we're caught!

::Fat Cat bonked the lizard on the head::

Fat Cat: I've a better idea, let's run before we're caught!

::The Goon Squad hefted the trophy and ran, Fat Cat beside them, when a cargo net fell on the lot of them. In moments, the Rangers appeared from various hiding places::

Chip: That's far enough, Fat Cat!

Dale: Yeah, we got the drop on you this time.

::Fat Cat howled with disgust::

Fat Cat: No, not again! Why does it always happen this way?

Dale: Because evil's always dumber than good—or, uh, something like that.

::As the stage hands lifted the cargo net, Fat Cat frowned as he held out the large trophy::

Chip: That's okay, Fat Cat. You can keep that one.

Fat Cat: You'll never get this ba.... wait, what?

Chip: You can keep it.

::Fat Cat looked at Chip suspiciously::

Fat Cat: What's wrong with it, is it a bomb or something?

Chip: Look at the inscription.

::Fat Cat peered carefully at the award and smiled a bit::

Fat Cat: Best All Time Villain award! For me?

::Fat Cat looked up at Chip than back at the award then back at Chip again. The terrible tabby's eyes actually started misting::

Fat Cat: That's so--it's only what I deserve of course, but well--thank you. Thank you one and all.

Gadget: You're welcome. We figured after all this time you ought to get something.

Mole: Wow, that's great. Can I have a--

::Before Mole could ask for his candy bar, Dr. Indy a few more stage hands appeared::

Chip: What's the problem, doc?

Indy: Modern Times, we can't find him anywhere. Several of the hands reported seeing him backstage.

Chip: Fat Cat! If you done anything to him, we'll take that trophy and--

::Fat Cat clutched the award to himself defensively::

Fat Cat: I didn't take him! What would I do with a Rangerphile?

Dale: Maybe he was eaten by zombies!

Gadget: It would statistically more likely that there was an alien abduction than a zombie apocalypse, Dale.

Dale: Aliens!!!

Mepps: Where, where?

::As the argument continued, one of the stage hands brought a note, addressed to Chip. When he opened it, his gasp quieted the others::

Chip: It's a ransom note in newspaper print! 'Bring me the Lifetime Achievement Award in exchange for Modern Times. Map on the back. Only the Rangers. I'll be watching.'

Gadget: Golly!

Fat Cat: See, it wasn't me!

Mepps: Yeah, he'd ask for a lot more than that.

Monty: Who's the dirty bloke who'd do that! Lemme at 'em!

::Chip folded the letter and pocketed it::

Chip: I have to admit, Mepps is right about that. Okay, Fat Cat, you can the others can go.

::Fat Cat and the others all looked at each other in astonishment::

Fat Cat: I think it would be wise if we were to vacate the ceremony, lest they change their minds or as a wise man once said...

Wart: Come on fellas, lets scram!

Fat Cat: Yes, that too.

::Fat Cat and the others all bolted for the exit and they rushed through the door, cheering and laughing. The moment the door closed behind them there was the loud crashing sounds of them stumbling over the garbage cans outside::

Dale: I got five bucks that they'll be carted off to the hoosegow before they can get out of town.

Chip: It's probably a safe bet, but right now we've got a bigger problem.

Dr: Indy: That's for sure. I don't like the idea of the Lifetime Achievement trophy going out of our hands, but it's worth it to get Modern Times back safe. Where's the exchange to take place, Chip?

::Chip pulled out the map and studied it::

Chip: Looks like one of the warehouses near the loading docks. Smart choice--from there, they could load it on a ship and be gone.

::Dr. Indy called the stage hands over, and soon they brought out the real trophy and packed it in the box reserved for the fake Fat Cat had taken::

Indy: I know you'll try to get back this and Modern Times back, but don't take any chances you don't need to.

Chip: Great, we finally get rid of one villain and now a new criminal jumps in to instantly fill the void.

Gadget: But who could it be? Nimnul, Rat Capone?

::Dale sulked::

Dale: No zombies, no aliens. It's probably just a crazy guy.\

Chip: This has a different feel. I think this may be someone new. This guy seems better organized and methodical. Most of our enemies wouldn't have managed to make even this complex plan, look they even spelled "Achievement" right!

Monty: Let's trash 'em and bash 'em! Nobody messes with the Rangers and their fans!

Chip: Right, Monty. Rescue Rangers, away!