::Indy comes back on stage, from stage left::


Indy: Well friends, it’s been a memorable night. Congratulations to all the winners, but in truth we’re all winners. We’re Rangerphiles, and that’s what it’s all about! And now, come on up for the big finale!


::The orchestra starts up the Rescue Ranger Theme, the Rangers and Rangerphiles rush the stage::


Indy and John Nowak: Some-times, some crimes…


RangerReady and L. Cranston: Go slipping through the cracks…


Ice and TS (pointing at Chip and Dale): But these two, gum shoes!

Gwen and Sinclair: Are picking up the slack!


Racebest and Sara: There’s no case too big, no case too small!


Zaptiftun and Spumoni: If you need help just call…


ALL: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale’s, Res-cue Rangers! Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale.


Ray Jones and Jeff Parkes: When there’s danger!


Fram and Indy: No, no, it never fails once they’re in-volved


Yunkel and Racebest: Some-how whatever’s wrong gets solved!


ALL: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale!!!!


::Everyone on stage points to The J.A.M., who takes a deep breath::


¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!!





::The happy shouts lead into a blistering buzz of excited talk. The scene switches outside to the dock, where the [i]Wonder[/i] has now returned::


Stan: And there you have it, folks. A memorable night, to say the least.


::Greyhound Bus steps in front again::


GB: That was one sweet Awards, yo! Da Bus brought it to you, Ranger fans! Get it up for the most happenin’ awards show there is! Yeah!!!!


Stan: Uh, yes. Thank you for that analysis, mister bus. Our times’ up here, we thank you for yours….




::The awards were finally over, as the audience went to the Wavebands nightclub, where both DJ Gwendolyn Katsche and Baloo are the DJ that night::

::All the guests took a dance with the Disney characters, as the party went on all night long::

::As some of the guests had to relax, where they going to the Sessions lounge, where both Mickey Mouse and the Aristocats played piano::

::The more mature guests took to the Signals lounge, where King Louie served in the bar::