Best Music Video


::"Wolves of the Sea" by Pirates of the Sea is playing in the background, as both Rita the fox from Jungo Goes Bananas and Gwendolyn Katsche are entering the illuminated stage::

Rita: Good Evening! I'm looking forward to Disney Cruise Line's visit to Copenhagen this summer!

Gwen: 2008 was an interesting year in music! Our RR fans also created some awesome AMV's too! Here’s the list!


"Race & Sara - Somewhere Out There" by Sinclair

“Rescue Rangers Forever” by Gwendolyn_Katsche

“CDRR-It’s Not My Time” by Zaptiftun

“Dreams to Dream: An OMaM Tribute” by zaptiftun

"You Are a Pi-Rat", by Sinclair

“CDRR 20th Anniversary” by zaptiftun

Rita: So let's see who is the winner, here we go!


::Gwen receives the envelope and opens it::

Gwen: And the winner is....Sinclair, for “You Are a Pi-Rat”!


Jolly Rogers (from the audience): ARRRR!


::The audience starts to cheer. Sinclair stands up and approaches the podium, walking as if the floor was moving randomly under his feet. He grabs a bottle of Root Beer from a waitress who just happened to walk by for some unexplained reason::

::He takes the Golden Acorn from Gwen and shakes hands with her::

::Sinclair then approaches the microphone, placing the statuette on the podium, and pokes it with a knife to check if it's on. He then blows into it to make sure::

Sinclair: Quiet on this ship! Quiet!

::The audience quiets down, waiting::

Sinclair (smiling): ARRR! So ye landlubbers decided to give us the gold. Very wise, aye mateys?

Pi-Rats in the audience (shouting): AYE!

Sinclair: For me dear mates, the Rescue Rangers and Jolly Roger's crew, who agreed to star in this work and for me other mates who in their surmountable generosity decided to grant us this award!

::Sinclair hits the cork several times with the knife's blade, causing it to pop, producing a stream of foam and liquid. The audience starts to cheer again as he takes a long sip. He salutes with the bottle, sheathes his knife, takes the award and leaves the stage. Gwen and Rita throw some confetti and dance off the stage::