::As Fat Cat flees Plato's wrath, half the people in the audience run from the dreadful acorn as it spirals in the air while the other half surge toward it, wanting its power.Soon the room devolves into a free for all, spilling out into the lobby. They knock the award cases over downstairs, the Lifetime Achievement award again toppling from its lofty perch and landing on the artifact as it rolls by with a loud CRUNCH.Two acorns are now on the floor, one the artifact and the other from the award::


Al: [b][i]MY PRECIOUS![/i][/b]


Fat Cat: My destiny!


::The gator reaches the first acorn, at once content::


Al: [b][i]It is my precious! [/i][/b]


::Fat Cat snatches up the other acorn and bonks Al in the foot with it.The gator screams and Fat Cat catches the acorn on the rebound::


::An intense glow fills the room, the brightness dwarfing the light of the previous incarnation of the acorn.Fat Cat holds it up, its glow so bright none could look directly at it::


Fat Cat:Now, none can resist.Soon you will all be destroyed and there's nothing you can do to stop me!Even your precious Gadget can't resist our power!

::Fat Cat picks up a pen and begins writing on the wall::


Fat Cat:None can stop me... Soon... she will be mine!Soooon, she'll be ours... our precious Miranda Wright!




Fat Cat:We... we meant.. Gad.... Fawn Deer...


::Dale gasps in terrible realization::


Dale:Its too horrible to imagine!He has the power to control Bonkers fanfiction! Wait a minute, how is that dangerous?


::Chip laughs the laugh of the justifiably satisfied::


Chip: It's not!There hasn't been any Bonkers fanfiction seen around here in years!


Monty: Live it up, fuzzball!


::Fat Cat shakes the acorn helplessly::


Fat Cat:No, precious must be broken... quickly, where's officer Pickel?!


Dale: Officer who-zule?


::The Rangers start to laugh and all the Rangerphiles join in.Soon the place is one huge mass laugh, and Fat Cat is the goat::


::A shadow covers Fat Cat and he looks up to see the outline of a giant gator who holds out a giant claw.Fat Cat shrugs and gives it to him::


Al:[b][i]My precious is mine again![/i][/b]


Fat Cat: It's not fair!I was going to win this time!Why can't I be the idol of millions?


Gadget: Well golly, you've got everyone's attention now.Why don't you do something while the guards are coming?


Fat Cat:Who wants to be the idol of the Bonkers fans...fan. You'll all regret this! I'll defeat you eventually!I'll get you all someday!


::Fat Cat rushes for the exit with the police in hot pursuit.::


[insert part with Myron's Paragons of Mightiness]


Chip: That'll be the day.Come on, everyone, we've got a show to finish!


Monty: What about old scaly-puss there?


::Al caresses the acorn, his yellow eyes glowing as an equally glowing image of Fawn Deer appears in midair::


Al: Is it you, my Precious?You wish me to write the stories of you, Precious?Yes, my Precious, yes!Paper?My Precious needs paper!


::The crowd parts as the gator follows the beckoning, glowing hand of Fawn Deer.One of the Rangerphiles leaves for a moment and returns with a ream of paper that Al gladly accepts::


Dale:We'll, he's welcome to write Bonkers fanfiction.Now, let's give out the rest of them awards!


::The crowd agrees as one and as the Rangers walk back to the main auditorium, Gadget stops and watches as the contented alligator leaves the building to return to its home::


Gadget: He looked so familiar.I'd swear I've seen him before.


Chip: You know, come to mention it, I think I have too.


Dale: Well, he wasn't Sewernose, unless the guy grew a lot and really went downhill.


::Zipper whispers in Monty's ear::


Monty: You mean--naw, couldn't have been him.It's been like twenty years andó


Gadget: Yes, I think it was!


::Chip shook his head::


Chip: Well, no wonder he was so out of it, then.Poor guy, I remember the day we last saw him.Were we wrong to let him go?


Gadget: I don't think so, Chip.At least this way, he's happy.


::The Rangers walked on toward the stage.It would be hours later, but within the dank darkness a typewriter would click happily along and an alligator would smile, no longer alone.Such was the life of Sewer Al, and Gadget as right.He was happy::