Dr. Batorious: And now, a first for the Golden Acorn Awards,.  Our own Dr. Indy will present the first video presentation in any category. Click here for the video presentation of this award.  For those who don’t wish to watch the video—Dr. Indy tells me it takes about a minute and a half to load for a broadband connection--you may read the written transcript of it below…


::Indy comes to the podium::


Indy: Is this thing on…good.  Friends, we now come to the last award of this fantastic night.  The Natasha Kashefipour Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes not only a standard of excellence that only a few Rangerphiles have achieved, but it also shows that you have staying power.


This is an award that goes to a veteran Rangerphile who has caught our imagination for years and made an unforgettable impression with their contributions to the community.


::Indy gestures toward the Big Screen as the names of the nominees scroll by::


Indy: And now, the nominees:


Michael Demcio



Chairman Kaga

The Enduring Man-Child


Indy: And now, the winner of the 2007 Lifetime Achievement award is…


::A drumroll starts as Indy opens the envelope::


Indy: The winner is Fish!


[Fish acceptance]


Dr. Batorious:  Don’t go away people.  The big finale is right around the corner!