::Mayhem saunters back out onto the stage, and upon reaching the podium clasps his hands together and smiles with a mix of smugness and disturbing malevolence. Holding that for a few seconds he breaks into speech::


Mayhem: Oh, don't get all like that on me now...


::Peering at the back of the envelope, he tries to scan some tiny notes he's written before putting it down and addressing the audience::


Mayhem: So, Most Prolific Rangerphile it is. Which makes me think. It's hard to be specific about one so terrific and undoubtedly scientific. For it is benefic to be beatific and be regarded as even deific, or salvific. Far from horrific, or malefic, and definitely not soporific. But if anything, in speech, she's prolific.


::He turns to look at Gadget sitting in audience and gives her a wink. The rest of the assembly starts to clap but he waves them down to stop as he wants to continue::


Mayhem: Back to the topic at hand... real people of value here. I wanted to say 'men' but doing the switch sounds funnier at times. Much in the way I await deliveries from a post-person, need to avoid falling down person-holes when out walking, or dodge person-eating sharks when swimming. But I digress, the shortlisted personages are...


Midnight Man


Mayhem: Who gets to the front of the race for putting it out there? That goes to our favourite portrait artist, MunkArt!