::The lights of the stage change color to red as a huge rat mariner slowly trots to a metal stool, dragging an accordion with him. He sits, looks around the audience and starts playing.


::Someone gasps in amazement as the distinct tones of [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmTG9wTfrzk]Toccata and Fugue d minor[/url] fill the hall::


::The curtain goes up, revealing a huge map of Atlantic. In front of it are standing two mice. One with hands behind his back, dressed in an old [i]Kriegsmausine[/i] parade uniform, the other clad in a black diving suit with cape. As the music ends they approach the podium::


Jurgen: [i]Gute Abend meine Damen und Herren.[/i]


Widget: We were asked to present the Best Music Video category of the Golden Acorn Awards.


::A reporter tries to get on stage::


Widget: Sorry, no questions about Minuscule.


::The offending reporter is quickly removed from the room by five mariners::


Jurgen: And the nominees are...


::The map vanishes, replaced by a black screen with green cursor on top::


CDRR - A-Team Crossover by Sinclair

All For One and All For Love by bw179

If We All Give a Little by DJ_Gwendolynkatsche

Friends Will Be Friends by Sinclair

Chip+Gadget Artist/Artwork Tribute by Sparky Hardwire

Always Dreaming by Hondo Sackett

The Rescue Rangers Touch by bw179

Tribute for Chip & Gadget by ruutti90

Have a Nice Day by Silver Shadow

Hurt by bw179

CDRR/MacGuyver Crossover by Sinclair


::As they speak, the relevant nominees appear on the screen with a green technical font.

Widget and Jurgen finish. There are some whispers and gasps in the audience. The last line on the screen reads:


[code]Target: _[/code]


Widget: And the winner is....


::Jurgen takes out a dagger and slices the envelope open. A wide grin enters his face::


Jurgen: (Herr) Sinclair for the CDRR/A-Team Crossover!


::The theme to "The A-Team" starts as Sinclair stands up and walks on the stage marching. He pulls out his saber, which extends rapidly, and salutes Jurgen with it in one fluid motion. Jurgen, quickly recovering from shock, salutes back. Sinclair puts the saber back in the sheath and shakes his hand. Widget releases her arm from Vengeance Position #1. Sinclair bows slightly as she gives him a large golden acorn on a stand. He then approaches the mic::


Sinclair: Thank you everyone. It's always good to know your work gets recognized, but receiving this award... it's an honor to be one of you. Alas, I cannot take all the credit. If it wasn't for my wondrous crew, I could never have pulled this one out. Come. You deserve this award as much as I do.


::An avalanche of applause erupts as Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monty, Zipper and Plato leave their seats and enter the stage. Chip approaches the mic::


Chip: Unfortunately Rat Capone and his boys couldn't join us today as they are spending a long vacation in the city's detention.


::The audience laughs::


Chip: Thank you friends. I'm glad it was as much fun for you as it was for us.


Monty: Roit you are Chippah! It was a grand adventure.


::The audience cheers as Gadget walks to the podium reluctantly::


Gadget: Golly, what to say? Thanks I guess.


::Someone shouts, "You're very welcome!". Gadget blushes::


Widget: You did great Gadget. Don't be shy about it.


Monty: Too roit lass!


::Widget looks meaningfully at him::


Monty: Uhm, roit.... Bettah be quick about it. Your turn Zip.


Zipper (with a bow): B ZZZZ ZB BZ BZB ZZZ!


::Next, Plato approaches the mic::


Plato: Detective Drake would be proud to have received this award. I'll be sure to let him know.


::Plato winks at the audience::


Dale: Thanks all!  You're a wonderful audience. We'll be here all week.


Chip: Dale, we live in this city.


::Dale laughs a little nervously and winks::


Sinclair: Dale's right. You're a wonderful audience. I want to thank our resident archeologist, Dr Indy, and his partner Chris Silva for inspiration and making me realize how much our Rangers are fans of the A-Team. Thanks again everyone!


::The Rangers and Plato bow and leave for their seats. Sinclair smiles, makes a mock salute to the audience and starts to leave.  Indy stands up in the front row::


Indy: Hey, don't go yet, Sinclair. Say it!


Sinclair (confused): It? What, it?


Indy: You know, IT!


::Sinclair smiles and faces the whole audience again::




::"The A-Team" theme plays again as Sinclair leaves the stage.  The rat starts playing again. Jurgen salutes Sinclair. Widget and Jurgen quickly leave the stage. The mariner stops playing, stands up, and leaves also, taking the stool with him::