[Need Presentation – Sinclair]


Sinclair: And the winner is…Leo and Rye!


Leo: Three things have surprised me in this year: The birth of my daughter, Beatriz….


::The crowd applauds as a picture of Beatriz comes up on the big screen::


Leo: The Golden Acorn nomination and the win for my animation Prototype. :roll:


::The audience laughs::


Leo: But the surprises don't stop! Let me begin with the Great Welcome from the Acorn Café members, for their fantastic works and ideas, with discussions and quarrels in that forum—and their patience and careful explanations for this member :D


::Another good natured laugh from the audience::


Leo: Finally, I feel so happy for all to enjoy my little work that combines with other works, to participate and compose one wonderful event, especially unforgettable for some and for me. :mrgreen:


::The audience applauds::


Leo: Thanks for all! Rescue Rangers, Away :c-lol: :d-embarrassed:


::Rye comes up shyly, waving to everyone as she reaches the podium::


Rye: I don't have much time to get on the internet or draw pics these years. Since I began to work as an investigator in Oct. 2006, we met real cases and saw the dark side of society. I began to think about things I never thought before and became a little moody, maybe that's so-called 'Growing pains'? ;)


::The audience laughs::


Rye: Anyway, I thank you very much for this award, but even more for being here when I need people like you to be here.  Thank you!


::As Rye and Leo hold up their awards, the crowd claps.  They head offstage, followed by Sinclair::