::Countless Rangerphiles get up from their seats and fill the stage::


Sinclair: This is probably gonna be the largest chorus line in the history of the Radio City Music Hall.


AndY: Indeed, verily, et cetera.


NeoBat: Oh, you young whippersnappers ain't seen nothing yet. Right, Nando?


Sajuuk: Hey, are we gonna sing now or what?


::Down in the orchestra pit, the musicians start to play the famous theme song. Up on the stage, the Rangerphiles start to sing along::


Rye: Sometimes...


Munkart: Some crimes...


Squeak and Tamira: Go slippin' through the cracks...


Lotacats: But these two...


HowlinBob: Gumshoes...


Hondo and WildIrishRose: Are pickin' up the slack.


Midnight and Mr. Spumoni: There's no case too big...


BOC42 and Phantom Shadow Pirate: No case too small...


pupspals, SW, and PensacolaRanger: (the girls holding onto Pensacola's arms) If you need help, just call:


Them lads: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip 'n Dale!


Them lasses: RESCUE RANGERS!


Them lads: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip 'n Dale!


Them lasses: When there's danger!


Dr. Indy and Chris Silva: No, no, it never fails once they're involved...


Racebest and Westbender: Somehow whatever's wrong gets solved! (high-five each other)


Them lads: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip 'n Dale!


Them lasses: RESCUE RANGERS!


Them lads: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip 'n Dale!


Them lasses: When there's danger!


RangerReady and Neal_Wolf: No, no, it never fails they’ll take the clues...


AndY and Supercheese: And find the wheres and whys and whos!


Them lads: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip 'n Dale!


Them lasses: RESCUE RANGERS!


Them lads: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip 'n Dale!


Them lasses: When there's danger!


All: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip 'n Dale!


::Applause, cheers, occasional wolf-whistles fill the hall. Unnoticed by the audience, the raised platform from The Chipmunk Divine has been erected behind the singing crowd.


Dr. Indy: And now the moment you've all been waiting for!


All: Hey J.A.M!


::Most of the lights are dimmed, a drum roll starts and a single spotlight illuminates the jaguar standing upon the platform::


All: What time is it?


The J.A.M. falls onto his knees and pumps his fists into the air::




OOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡MÉXICO!!! ¡¡¡MÉXICO!!! ¡¡¡MÉXICO!!! ¡¡¡MÉXICO!!! ¡¡¡MÉXICO!!!


::While the others join The J.A.M.'s chant, Roman candles ignite behind the stage and shoot fountains of sparks in the Mexican national colors into the air. RangerReady stands on the stairs that lead up to the platform with a dead trout in his hand and tries hard to fend off Yunkel who tries to go up to the other Mexican::


Dr. Batorious (via the PA system): Yes, people, tonight is a very special night for The J.A.M. It's five years ago that he was drowned in Golden Acorn Awards for his masterpiece, Death Of A Comedian. So we borrowed this stage prop from a show in Las Vegas. Don't worry, people, they don't need it over there, for the singer is here among us, as is her orchestra.


::Puss and Donkey come out on stage, singing ‘I Love You Mi Vida’ by D’Nash. After the song balloons drop with a load of inflated frogs that the audience plays with for a while::


Donkey: Hey everybody!  We've got the VIP lounge of the Webster Hall nightclub reserved. And Baloo's the DJ!  First song up will be Cosmic Gate’s techno version of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’!


Indy: I want to thank everyone for coming, and hope you'll all be able for join us for the 2008 Golden Acorn awards, location to be announced!


::With that, the scene shifts back to the network studio::


Stan Blather:  And there you have it. A wonderful night for the Rangers and Rangerphiles.  These celebrations continue to be more and more special by the year.  Katie, what's the atmosphere like outside right now?


::The scene segues to the exterior of Radio City Music Hall, a sea of people, cars and excited talk::


Katie: It's wonderful out there, Stan!  You can feel the energy of the ceremony washing out here along with the people.  Gadget!  Gadget Hackwrench, can we have a moment?


Gadget: Hi there!  Great time, wasn't it.


Katie: And how.  What will you take away from this Golden Acorn awards?


Gadget: A big case of sleep deprivation!


Katie: Okay.  And what was your favorite moment?


Gadget: Oh gosh, there's too many to mention!


Katie: All right, thanks Gadget.  That was Gadget Hackwrench and now—now I see Mr. Spumoni coming out and…wow, what a load of trophies!


::Spumoni, accompanied by two stage hands who are wheeling his awards on a flatbed dolly, stop at the edge of the sidewalk to await his ride home::


Katie: Mr. Spumoni, how does it feel to be the big winner at the Golden Acorn awards?


::Spumoni holds a warning finger up to his lips::


Spumoni (whispers): Keep it down.  I think they're still around.


Katie: Still around? Who?


::Spumoni looks to the left and right as the stage hands now load his awards into the trunk::


Spumoni: The numerous ancient warriors who chased me around at the ceremony…


Katie: Oh, you mean the Spartans?


Spumoni: DON'T SAY THAT!  Oh no, too late.  Drive, drive!


::Deafening shouts erupt as 300 Spartans come running around the far corner of Radio City Music Hall, brandishing spears.  Spumoni dives through the window and his car takes off, the Spartans running down the street after him::


Katie: Well, that's it from the Awards, Stan.  I think I'll take my vacation time now.


::The scene segues back to Stan Blather::


Stan: A good thought, Katie.  And to all of you out there watching from around the world, this is Stan Blather singing off from the Golden Acorn awards.  Our time's up and we thank you for yours…


::The scene goes to black::




::The whole floor of the Webster Hall nighclub got crowded by the new DJ’s, who now where both Puss and Donkey, as they began to play ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ by Ricky Martin, and all the guests danced and sang along::


::Everybody stayed in the nightclub, as they would not miss the large balloon drop, and everybody cheered in the moment, as Puss in Boots and Donkey released the balloon drop::


::All the guests would not pop the balloons, and after the balloon drop did both Dodger and Rita from Oliver & Company came by to perform ‘Why Should I Worry’ and ‘Streets of Gold’::


::Baloo's pal Louie was at the nightclub, tending bar, and the party it went on until the morning at six, when some of the guests left the club. At nine Baloo the DJ played the last song that many of the guests requested, ‘Upside Down’ by Jack Johnson::