GAA Backstage:


The crew of GAA, prepare for the GAA show in Peterhof, Russia, as they set up the stage, lights, cameras, and so on. The celebrities land in St. Petersburg either by train, bus or airplane as they check in at the hotels.


A few days before the show, the celebrities are preparing themselves onstage, and The Singiní Strays are testing with their song, as some are preparing their speeches. The day before the show, some go on shopping and sightseeing tours and events around the city. People are gathering to get an autographs, postcards and pictures of the stars.


The night before the big night, some of the celebrities go early to bed but others can hardly sleep. Cash and Dixie had a hard time with calming Todd and Copper down. The big day some guests arrive, such as Bianca from Hungary, known from "The Rescuers", with Bernard. Also Jake from "The Rescuers Down Under", who is one of Montyís friends.


At last the big night is here, and as the darkness falls over the city, the celebrities and the audience arrive at the palace. The celebrities gather in their version of the Green Room of the Eurovision Song Contest, where there are two bars, and the room is decorated with balloons, banners and flags.


Bianca said in an interview with April Oíneil before the show, "I met The Singiní Strays during their European tour they ended in Hungary for few days ago. Bernard, the Rangers and I had often held our winter vacations here in St. Petersburg, and some of our movies were recorded here."


April also interviewed RJ from Over The Hedge, who is going to sing at the GAA. "Itís the first time Iíve been here, and I havenít been at the Awards before, and I canít for the show to begin!"