::Things had been quiet for a while, so Chip had ordered the Rangers to split up to work more ground. Monty and Gadget went one way while Chip, Zipper and Dale went the other. Gadget decided to take a breather while they got ready for the next set of awards. She walked out by the sparkling water, seemingly lost in the gleam of the lights as she thought about meeting Wallace. Nearby, Sergeant Dunder and Spigot also were taking in the scenery::


Spigot: There's got to be a way to get backstage and snag that big award!


Dunder: I don't know, sir. They're guarded those awards pretty good.


Spigot: I can't come home empty-handed! You know what the High Marshal will do if he finds out…


::Spigot was so worried that he didn't notice the person in front of him. Down they went in a tumble, and for a few moments the man was busy gathering various weapons back under his trenchcoat::


Spigot: Say, you look familiar. Did we meet at the Thembrian Great Flounder Parade?


Boris: Uh, no. I never make it. Besides, I don't eat seafood.


::Dunder's attention meanwhile was on Boris's lithe sidekick, who was primping her hair::


Dunder: Gee, you're beautiful.


Natasha: Thank you, dahling. I try.


::Spigot meanwhile was suspicious—well okay, he was always suspicious::


Spigot: You must be a spy. All right, who are you working for?


Boris: Why, you should know. I am working for your glorious Grand High Marshal!


[img] http://www.indyranger.com/2006GA/GA_3a.jpg[/img]


::Spigot and Dunder saluted immediately::


Spigot: A thousand pardons, your spy-superior-ness! Dunder, leave the lady alone!


::Spigot and Dunder walked off, leaving Boris and Natasha to discuss things::


Natasha: You know Thembrian High Marshal?


Boris: No, I just overhear them talking. In the spy world, it pays to have good ears. Now, we wait our chance and take the trophy. But perhaps our Thembrian lackeys will provide the distraction we need to do it.


Natasha: How will they do that?


Boris: By doing what all Thembrians do—messing things up. Come, the show is starting…


::After a few moments, Gadget also noticed the people milling back inside::


Gadget: Golly, just think about all the integrated power nodes it takes to light a place like this. Hmm…I wonder why I haven't been able to find Wallace yet…


Monty: C'mon, Gadget luv! Show's about to start again!


Gadgte: Oh well, maybe I'll run into him on the inside…




::Meanwhile, Zipper had just reported back to Chip and Dale, noticing a suspicious character in the crowd. Boris had been tinkering with one of his spy cameras when he saw them coming. He knew he had to lose the Rangers and fast. Pulling behind a tree, he emerged with a portrait camera and a goatee on his face. Dale pointed at the cameraman::


Dale: Look! That's him!


::Boris began to sweat as the Rangers approached::


Dale: We don’t have one good picture of any of us so far! Snap away, mister camera guy!


::Boris was only too happy to oblige::


Boris: Take the pose now…hold it…


[img] http://www.indyranger.com/2006GA/GAFoura.jpg[/img]


::Dale stuck his fingers behind Chip's head, giving him a pair of rabbit ears. Zipper tumbled over and over in the air, laughing. With a POOF, the moment was captured forever::


Boris: That will be 600 roubles, please.


Chip: You pay him, Dale. You wanted the picture. Now let's get going!


::A few moments later a wolf and rabbit passed by::


Dale: Wow, that wolf's got a real fashion problem. I mean, bell-bottoms went out in the 70's!


::Once Dale had paid Boris and had the picture in hand, the Rangers set off in search of the quarry again. Boris pocketed the money, chuckling::


Boris: Being professional photographer has its advantages. Now, to get back inside before anyone notices…