::At Peterhof, the Rangers were just outside the main building where the Awards were taking place. They greeted many of the newcomers while keeping their eyes peeled for any sort of trouble::


Dale: Do ya think Fat Cat or Nimnul will try something again this year?


Chip: I'd bet anything they will. Some ne'er-do-well's been at every awards show so far.


Monty: Aw, we'll handle any punch-ups that come along, Chip-o. After all, we're onto them. I think we should just go ahead and enjoy everything here in ol' Saint Pete, right, Gadget-luv?


Gadget:  Oh yes, Monty.  This is wonderful.  What a beautiful city, its amazing.  So much history here and all these celebrities as well.  I think this is going to be the best awards ever.  Oh look, there's Reodor Felgen!  He's the Norwegian inventor and there's his friends Solan and Ludvig!  He invented the legendary race car Il Tempo Gigante!  I have to talk to him about before we leave.  The movie they made about his race car helped inspire me as a child.


::Gadget gasped and pointed::

Gadget: Look it's…it's...


::Gadget sighed, her eyes beaming::

Gadget: Wallace…


Chip: Huh? Who's Wallace?


Gadget: What? Don't tell you don't know Wallace, the famous inventor who can build a spaceship seemingly out of nothing! He's the only other person I've known besides me who can do that! He's dreamy…


::Chip didn't like the sound of this, but Dale soon had him distracted::


Dale:  Wow, there's all kinds of celebrities here.


Chip:  I don't recognize many of this people.


Dale:  You need to watch more cartoons, Chip.


::Chip rolls his eyes and takes a few steps::


Chip:  Hey, what's this giant blob of pink goo that I just stepped in?


Dale:  That pink goo you're standing is European star Barbapapa, Chip.


::While Chip divested himself from the blob-like character, five sets of eyes looked on from behind one of the thick hedges in the garden. Fat Cat pulled back and motioned for his Goon Squad to follow him to a private part of the garden::


Fat Cat: All right, you all know why we're here.


Mole:  To get Russian candy bars?


Mepps:  To get those... blooga fishes?


Snout:  To try to find something nice for that special someone…


Wart:  To do evil?


Fat Cat: One out of four's not bad. We're here for the same reason we always come, to mess up these repulsive Golden Acorn Awards and get our hands on some of those trophies. And I want that big Lifetime Achievement Award trophy most of all.


Mole: But boss, you ain't written any stories or made any pictures of the Rangers.


Fat Cat: I mean STEAL IT, you melon-head!


Mole: Oh, okay. But how you gonna do it?


Mepps: Yeah, we've been trying to get the awards for years now and we never get 'em!


Fat Cat: Actually, I'm glad you brought that up. This time, I'm not going to try to get them.


::Mepps scratched his head, trying to think hard and not quite succeeding::


Mepps:  Uh, how are you gonna steal it if you're not gonna try to steal it, boss?


Fat Cat: Quite simple, my pointy-headed pontificating patsy. I'm going to have someone else do it for me this time.


Wart:  Oh, you can get the one armed man to do it like the TV series Fugitive!


Mepps: Or someone from KAOS, like on Get Smart!


Fat Cat: I've got someone far better than them. Actually two someones.


::Fat Cat called out into the night::


Fat Cat: Come on out.


::From the darkness, two pale-faced humans emerged, a man and a woman. The man was short and stocky, wearing a spy's trenchcoat and hat, and sporting a moustache. The woman was thin and tall, wearing a red evening dress::


Fat: Boris, Natasha! So good to see you again!


Boris: Good for nothing, you mean. We have plan to get in and scoot with the loot!


Natasha: You tell him, dahling. No forest animals are match for top spies.


Fat Cat:  Don't flatter yourselves.  You've never dealt with those rescue idiots.  They've thwarted better than you, namely me.  So let's see if you have what it takes.


Boris: We are old and experienced nogoodniks.


Natasha: Experienced, anyway. Come dahling, time to go into the show...