::At Film Roman Pupspals, wearing jeans & her Hellboy Animated crew shirt, works away at her computer typing up new price lists for services.  The phone rings.  She answers it::

Pupspals:  Hello?  Oh you want to reschedule your record time.  Let's see what's available. (looks on calendar) No, that date's not available.  ... What do you mean you've already scheduled the actor? I've told you before you need to check with me first! Someone else already has that time & has scheduled their actors! ... I'll check... Only time available for 3 weeks, huh? ... I'll see what I can do but I can't promise anything...

::Her work cell phone rings::

Pupspals:  ... I'll get back to you.  Bye.

:: she answers her cell phone::
Pupspals:  Hello? ...  Oh, you forgot your card again?  ...  Yeah I'll let you in the building.  I'm on my way!

::she hangs up & starts to go to the door.  She gets stopped by a person from Marketing::

Marketing lady:  How's it going on that Henry Winkler piece?

Pupspals:  I'll get right on it!

:: Pupspals lets her boss in the building & heads off to an edit bay. She brings up the Final Cut Pro project & starts to digitize the piece in question.  Henry Winkler appears on the screen.  He gives a speech about receiving an award from some school in Denver & how great it

Henry Winkler:  ... And now I have something to tell you kids, directly.

Pupspals  (unenthusastically): Cue the slow zoom into face...

Henry Winkler: You are great!  So just dig down deep, find your talent...

::The picture on screen starts a slow push into Henry's face. Pupspals laughs at the coincidence::

Henry Winkler:  ... and give it to the world!  Personally, I can't wait to see it! And thanks for this award.

:: Henry looks at the child-hand made statue of a stick figure holding a star.  He puts it by his face::

Henry Winkler: It looks like me!

:: Pupspals laughs again.  She stops the tape & sets up the QuickTime export::

Pupspals: ... wow.  somehow I don't quite see Fonzie doing all that. That was really cheesy!  Monty would love an awards ceremony that cheesy! ... *gasp*!  The Golden Acorn Awards!!

::Pupspals looks around the edit bay in panic.  She looks at the progress bar for the QuickTime export. It's not moving very fast.  She runs back to her cubicle & packs up her stuff and shuts down her desk computer.  She races back to the edit bay.  The progress bar barely moved.  She taps her fingers & jiggles her leg.  It doesn't move.  She checks her watch... The wait time actually goes up!!

She gasps!
The progress bar speeds up!
She cheers!
The progress bar goes backward!::
PupspalsWha' the?!?

::She looks under the desk.  Bart Simpson is playing with the cables::


Pupspals:  Bart!  Quit messing with the cables!  I need the network to finish the upload.  I got a plane to catch!

Bart:  Good luck!  I hear they're heavy!  Ha ha!

Pupspals: Cute...  Why don't you go bug the Slacker Cats down the hall?

Bart:  Eddie's oogling a picture of Minnie Mouse...

Pupspals:  What?!

::She rolls her chair out into the hall & spies an orange cat looking
at a glossy::

Pupspals:  ABC Family's letting you do the joke?!

Eddie:  Nah...  But we're still trying!

Pupspals:  Darn it... It was funny too...

::She slides back in the room.  Bart has now unplugged all the network cables::


Pupspals:  You know... I hear that Tripping the Rift is recording Six's dialogue down the hall....

Bart:  ĦAy, caramba!

::Bart runs out of the room & heads for the record.  Pupspals quickly plugs the cables back in.  The export completes & she grabs her bags  and heads for the door.  But the stair well is blocked by Hellboy::


PupspalsHellboy!  Perfect!  Look, I'm on my way to the Golden Acorn Awards & I was thinking that you could do my presentation!  It would be a great opportunity to plug that Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms is on sale now & Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron will air on Cartoon Network on March 10!  ...At least that's the last I heard...

Hellboy:  Forget it, kid.  I don't do publicity stunts!

Pupspals:  It's not a stunt.. it's a .... well...  Covering for me since I was so busy fixing the titles on your film??

Hellboy:  Take care of your self!

::Hellboy walks off.  Pupspals looks at her watch::

Pupspals:  Darn it!  Now I don't have a speech!

::She looks out the window.  Tad Stone's car is nowhere to be seen::

Pupspals: ... No luck there either...  Well... It's a long flight to Russia.  I'll write my speech on the way...

::Pupspals leaves her work & runs to the airport across the street::