Special Mention


::Chip comes out on stage, to the applause and cheers of the crowd::

Chip: Now comes the award for Special Mention. This award truly is special, because it recognizes one of you special people who do so much in the Rangerphile community. There's a lot of unsung heroes or there—believe me, I know—and this award is meant to bring recognition where recognition's due.


::The crowd applauds and Chip waits for everyone's attention to return to him::


Chip: And now, here are the nominees for this year's Special Mention award—all of them deserving…


·       Rye for outstanding work

·       Midnight Man for maintaining a welcoming atmosphere at the Café 2

·       Toni for countless artwork

·       Integrator for his bunch of nice wallpapers made of modified screenshots.

·       Campisi, for giving Patchwork Hail, who was a stranger then, a place to crash when he was booted out of his new apartment.

·       Alain for actually getting into contact with forces in Disney Marketing and forwarding Ranger merchandise sales on e-Bay and for starting his petition. Also for Region 2 DVD & organizing the 1st Ranger Convention

·       Kandei-chan for returning and being that active again, especially working on the Ranger Wiki

·       Pupspals for encouraging Mr. Stones to stay in contact with the fandom 2

·       Lightindark

·       Fernando, for creating the web-accessible Acorn Cafe' Chat Room


Chip: And now the envelope…


::Chip pulls the envelope out of his jacket pocket::

Chip: The award goes to Alain, for his work with Disney Marketing, the Ranger petition and the Ranger convention!


::The crowd stands and applauds as Alain comes on stage::


::Alain smiles broadly when he hears that his name is announced as the winner of the Special Mention category. He runs on stage and joins <presenters>. <presenters> welcome Alain and thank him for coming, then shake hands as Alain accepts the award and steps behind the podium::


Alain: Thanks, <presenters>. I'm very delighted that the collective Ranger fandom honored my recent actions with a Special Mention award. It's good to know that my actions are appreciated and I return the favor by trying to do my best for the fandom whenever I can. I'm not doing this for fame and fortune, but simply for my friends. Up till now, I didn't regret a single moment that I joined The Acorn Café.


Joining you guys and reliving my sweet childhood memories has certainly brought intense joy to my personal life and I'm tremendously grateful for that. All in all, I rather should thank you all for supporting my actions, making me happy and keeping the Rescue Rangers memory alive. So...thank you everybody!


::When the public applauds, he proceeds to the front of the stage and takes a deep bow. He blows a few kisses to female attendants when he walks off stage back to his place. Chip nods and walks off with him::