Outstanding Website Achievement


::The stage lights brighten and Chip appears on-stage with BOC42 happily clinging to his arm.  As they make their way to the podium, Boxy grins and waves to several different people in the audience:: 


Boxy: Hi, everyone!


::Boxy pauses to peck Chip on the forehead and then giggles and steps up to the podium::


Boxy: I’ve always wanted to do that!


::The audience laughs softly and Chip shakes his head, slightly irritated::


Boxy: Anyways I’m thrilled to be here with all of you tonight, and even more thrilled to be able to present the award for "Outstanding Website Achievement."  Let’s face it: the Ranger fandom is so widespread that none of us would be here this evening enjoying one another’s company or even know each other if it wasn’t for the internet and all the awesome Rangery sites out there. First off, lets give all the Ranger-related websites out there a around of applause, cuz they definitely deserve it!


::The Rangerphiles applaud and whistle loudly for several seconds::


Boxy: Okay, now without further ado, I’d like to present to you the nominees for this year’s "Outstanding Website Achievement’ award.  They are: The Ranger Wiki, The Acorn Café, and Tanka and SVZs’ CDRR Mistakes and Trivia page!


::The audience claps once again::


Boxy: All right, let’s find out who the lucky winner is this year!


::Boxy looks down at the podium and realizes that the envelope is missing::


 Boxy: Hey, where’s the envelope?


::Backstage, Dr. Indy experiences a moment of panic before Chip quietly coughs and joins Boxy at the microphone.  He squints over the lights towards the back of the room:: 


Chip: Um…Gadget said she wants to—(he clears his throat nervously)—[i]deliver[/i] it to you specially.


::Boxy and Chip exchange worried glances::


Boxy: Oh.


::Gadget’s voice is heard from the rear of the hall::


Gadget: Back here, guys!

::The Rangerphiles turn in their seats and a spotlight focuses in on Gadget, who is standing at the back of the hall, holding what appears to be a plunger gun::


Gadget: I thought this would be the perfect place to try out my new crossbow!


::There is an uproar from the audience, which Gadget mistakes for enthusiasm.  She holds up the winner’s envelope and attaches it to the plunger and prepares to fire. Onstage, Chip and Boxy duck behind the podium.  The Rangerphiles cower low in their seats as something whizzes directly over their heads and lands squarely on the front of the podium::


Gadget (from the back of the room): There you go, guys!


::Chip walks around the podium and attempts to pull the plunger off, but only succeeds in pulling the podium closer to the edge of the stage.  Giving up, he takes the envelope off the plunger and hands it to Boxy.  She leans heavily on the podium, breathing hard, and clenching the envelope tightly::


Boxy: Uh…thanks, Gadget. Okay…once again, the nominees for "Outstanding Website Achievement are: the Ranger Wiki, the Acorn Café, and Tanka and SVZs’ CDRR Mistakes and Trivia page.


::She takes a deep breath, straightens, and opens the envelope::


Boxy: And the winner is…what else, The Ranger Wiki!


::Lance grins and once more takes the stage, with a spring in his step. He gives BOC42 a quick hug and turns to the audience::

Lance: Ah, thanks again everyone. I'm really happy that the Ranger Wiki has taken off the way it has... Let's hope that it keeps on growing and improving. It's a community project... It's only as good as we all make it; so if you can... Get involved!

::Lance gives a wave and a grin before leaving the stage. Boxy hi-fives Lance and accompanies him off the stage.  Chip tries valiantly once again to remove the plunger from the podium, only to have half the handle break off in his paw.  In the front row, Dale laughs uproariously.  Chip tosses the plunger handle at Dale and storms off the stage behind everyone else::