Most Prolific Rangerphile


::Indy comes out on stage::


Indy (sheepish): Uh, we've got a problem here, and I was the one who caused it. I accidentally lost Campisi and Live2Dream's presentation, and despite my best efforts to correct my oversight I wasn't able to get another copy of their presentation.


::The audience is quiet for the most part::

Indy: My great apologies to them, because as I remember the copy I saw it was very good. However, I do have the picture Live2Dream gave me to go with the presentation. I'll be sure to update the archives with their original presentation for this category.




Indy: The envelope please?


::Indy opens it::

Indy: And our most prolific Rangerphile is…well, who else? Okay, maybe one other person. But this time it's Tamira!


::The evening has been nice and interesting till now... Many people she likes have won many awards. She herself has won one she did not thought she WOULD win and when the announcer reads her name as winner of the ’Most Profilic Rangerphile-award’ she is far more relaxed then the last time she had to go up on the stage::


Tamira (whispers to Squeak): At least I have a speech this time.


::Yes, she HAS a speech, she knows that... and she knows where the speech is: In her handbag. And so she takes the handbag with her on the stage::


::But then, when she stands on the stage, in front of the audience, she realizes,  she would have been better to take ONLY the speech with her, not the whole handbag... Because...::


Tamira (mutters): Where the heck is that silly speech…


::She mumbles, rummaging around her handbag for it, but of course the microphone is on and so everybody in the big room can hear her... But she does not even notice some people are snickering, she is far too occupied with looking for her speech to notice anything else around her. The speech HAS to be somewhere, it just HAS!!! But she can't find it...::


Tamira: Uh, hang on a sec…

::And so she starts to empty her bag on that little desk in front of the mike. First comes a big book, entitled ’Sureluck Jones' collected cases’ then a photo of two rodents, snuggled together on a couch... the photo falls on it's backside, revealing the words ’forever yours, Squeak’... Then some crumpled papers, she tries to uncrumple, but it does not work very well... A pink pen... A lipstick that makes the hamster-girl frown::


Tamira (muttering): What are you doing here? I don't wear any make-up!


::...5 red sweets ... A black pen... Some bills, a big chocolate bar, a blue pen... And finally...::


Tamira: Found it!!!


::Out of the handbag she pulls a surprisingly tidy and neat looking paper. Now that she has found her speech, she suddenly realizes that nearly all people in the hall are giggling and laughing, sniggering and chuckling...


Tamira (confused): What is it?


::Then it hits her...::


Tamira: Oh DARN!!!! ... Uhm... I just made an idiot outt of me, right?


Dale: That's why we gave you the award! You're the best!


::She smiles sheepishly...::


Tamira: Well, at least I gave you something to laugh at!... AND I found my speech... Wait, I tidy up and then I'll read it  finally!


::Some minutes later, all the things Tamira has pulled out of her bag are in it again and she looks up, smiling...::


Tamira: Now, I can read the speech... Uhm... where is it???


::The hamster stares at her bag::


Tamira (blushes): I did NOT pack it back into there, right??? Oh, that's just typically me!!!


::For one second she glares at her bag, then she shrugs::


Tamira: I won't search for it once again! ... I'll just say SOMETHING now, before I embarass myself even MORE!... Let's see: Thanks for that award, I am happy you gave it to me... I am sure, I'll stay profilic for more years to come... And I am just that profilic, bacuse that comunity is so nice and here are so many great people! ... Yeah, that's what I wanted to say!


::Stuffing her award into her handbag to the other things, Tam hurries back to her seat. Squeak squeezes her hand, when she sits down::


Squeak: Don't worry, sweetie. You said it yourself: At least you gave them something to laugh at!