Most Helpful Rangerphile

::A now quite familiar-looking, burly grey-furred, snazzily-clad rat, enters and steps up to the podium, having put his awards away; he clears his throat::

UrthQuake:  Wow, big night for me, eh?  But really, I don't think I would have written this story, and thus gotten these awards, without at least some help.  I got advice in writing from many of my fellow writers here, which I have spoken about already.

::UrthQuake gestures to the audience::


UrthQuake:  And really, being a Rangerphile, being a fan of such a remarkably helpful group of persons, means you have to have... at least SOME semblance of a helpful spirit!  After all, that is what our heroes do, no what matter what the cost, no matter what the risk!  And.. I too have tried to help my fellow Rangerphiles, whether it be with a problem of theirs, or just trying to brighten someone's day... Like when I tried to present our dearly departed Dumpster Side with a present for his birthday!

::General grumbling could be heard as many remember what happened that day, especially all the disasters UQ inadvertently caused::

UrthQuake:  Ahem... (pulls collar nervously) Okay, bad example!  But hey, at least I tried!  And these Rangerphiles also tried!  And while I don't know if they truly helped or not, these people epitomized the true spirit of the Rescue Rangers!

These nominees for Most Helpful Rangerphile are:

Ray Jones
Midnight Man
Jeff Parkes
Mr. Spumoni

And the Golden Acorn Award goes to…Midnight Man!


::The audience stands and applauds as Midnight comes up on stage again::


Midnight: So here I am again, receiving another Golden Acorn Award. It's for being the Most Helpful Rangerphile this time. Well, all I can say is that I like helping whenever and wherever I can, and I'd say that applies mostly to sharing all the information I'm gathering as an archiver and historian with all of you. I mean, what's the point in piling up knowledge and not letting anyone else have their share of it? See, and that's why, for instance, I'm so busy with the Ranger Wiki, and perhaps also why RangerReady invited me to the Ranger Blog. I must admit, though, that I've hardly got more than my knowledge to help you with, but at least that's something. And this award...

::Midnight holds up his award::

Midnight: ...may serve as a proof that this knowledge of mine, or rather the ability of knowing where to find the stuff I don't know, and the will to use it wherever it can be used, that these two were enough for you to award me. Thank you very much!


::Midnight shakes hands with UrthQuake and giving a wave to the audience they walk off together::