::The Suns, An Tham and his wife Kan, enter from the left side of the stage, dressed in their formal kimonos. Tham is also in a hakama with his clan's insignia embroidered on it. They step up to the podium.::

THAM: Most honored guests, it is with the utmost respect and thanks that we accept this award on Matt's behalf, who is currently--

KAN: Getting the living daylights beaten out of him by his thesis.

::Tham coughs politely::

THAM: Well said, my dear.

::Kan smiles and winks at her husband::

KAN: Matt is grateful to everyone in the Ranger's community for keeping the love of the Rangers alive and well on the Internet for so long.

THAM: In a recent discussion, he noted that impact the show had on his life, not only leading him to the decision to attend art school, but also to the best July weekend of his life, a bizarre London meeting, and a number of long-standing friends.

KAN [muttering]: Not to mention the worst Christmas of his life....

THAM: What?

::Kan blinks::

KAN: Oh! I said, the... burst christening of lights.

::Now it's Tham's turn to smile and wink::

THAM: Of course, Kan.

::He turns back to the audience::

THAM: Again, many thanks to one and all. The ancestors willing, we hope to see you all again before too long. Fare thee well.

KAN: Laters!

::The couple give the audience a stately bow, hoist the award between them, and exit stage right. Indy approaches the podium again::


Indy: Don't go anywhere, folks. The big finale's right around the corner!