gadgefan48: Well everyone, I'm going to check on the severe weather and go to bed....congrats to all of the winners tongith and 3 cheers for the Acorn Cafe and the rest of the Rangerphile community!
Mr. Spumoni: Well, let's draw lots and go from there...
Mr. Spumoni: And this is hypothetical.
Mr. Spumoni: If we aren't recued...
Mr. Spumoni: We might have to deal with an unfortuunate fact...
Mr. Spumoni: Look...
UrthQuake: *yawns*
JeffParkes: that's all I need! Mr. Spumoni, you still got that deck of cards?
Mr. Spumoni: Yes, Fritos...about that...
Sparky Hardwire: This was a memorable one too...with the crash and all
Mr. Spumoni: Despite one major setback in the early going and an incident or two here in the chat I was generally very pleased. I wonder who we'll be seeing coming to the stage next year...
Racebest: With our little "crash" problem
Jeff Pierce: Oh least we still have Fritos and Snickers until we're rescued, right?
Racebest: That was one crazy night...from the beginning
Jeff Pierce: That....does pose a problem.
munkart: this was great
Eddie: Indeed...thanks for everything, Indy!!
JeffParkes: Now, the most important part of these ceremonies. . .how do we get out of this locked booth?
munkart: I will
Mr. Spumoni: I can't express my gratitude to Dr. Indy for that effort.
BOC42: Silver: Outstanding! *gives Boxy her laptop back*
Lightindark76: But twice...Oh, that's for Chip and Zipper.
Jeff Pierce: I would have to agree with you and Mr. Spumoni, Jeff. Perhaps the best Acorn Awards yet, and certainly one that signals good things to come from this fandom.
Sparky Hardwire: Hope all the winner's enjoy the custom plaques!
Admiral RangerReady: I think we can manage something, Eddie.
Lightindark76: I guess I deserve that singing spot as payback for Dale and Foxglove
Mr. Spumoni: It was certainly interesting Mr. Parkes!
||||||||| BOC42 snaps fingers, appears in jeans and tshirt, does a cartwheel, and changes back to her dress
Mr. Spumoni: We'll be crushed under their nearly weightlessness!
Mr. Spumoni: That final frame is so on my screensaver...
||||||||| Sparky Hardwire stand's up and applauds while watching the fireworks
Eddie: Hey, Charlie...does the Sovereign have a "fireworks display" planned?
gadgefan48: was definitely worth the wait guys and gals!
munkart: lol
Nyperold: Is that information on the wiki yet?
JeffParkes: This is Jeff Parkes for ACNN. Well, it was quite an award show, this year, wasn't it, Mr. Spumoni?
||||||||| ksharbaugh just logged off.
||||||||| Eddie fires several shots into the air in celebration.
Eddie: YEE-HAAAAAAA!!!!!
Admiral RangerReady: I did, CR.
munkart: yes it was
||||||||| Nyperold sighs contentedly.
Racebest: what a great GAA!
Admiral RangerReady: And now, as the 'official' ceremonies are complete....leeeeeet's party!!
||||||||| Racebest applauds
JeffParkes: ahh! balloons falling in the booth!
Charles Roberts: Well I got a question who won the Most Improve Author?
munkart: omg
Squeak: yes but there are some awards that don't just cover 2006... O.o
||||||||| ksharbaugh just entered this channel.
Eddie: @ Midnight: Miller time?
Mr. Spumoni: No peanut butter please...
JeffParkes: well, he didn't do much of anything RR-related within the past year. Fortunately, the last award is a Lifetime Achievement Award, not just a 2006 Achievement Award
||||||||| Jeff Pierce watches the fireworks go off at the Grand Finale
Zombie Ian: Is it peanut butter jelly time?
Midnight Man: C'mon, say it!
gadgefan48: Yay!
Midnight Man: Oh, and by the way, folks, do you know what time it is? ;-)
Mr. Spumoni: Night Ian!
Mr. Spumoni: GF! We're Time Zone Buddies...
Eddie: Congrats to Matt!
Squeak: also the irony that despite winning that award he was not even nominated for anything else (that I noticed)
gadgefan48: Ngiht Ian!
Mr. Spumoni: You Gentlemen both conversed with Mr. Ploetcher, what was he like?
gadgefan48: It's 12:30 here in the morning and I'm not tired!
Sparky Hardwire: Night Ian
Sparky Hardwire: Congrat to Matt!!!
Zombie Ian: Uh, I'm probably going to run off and try to sleep before too long. That 4am wake up call I got has me about dead.
munkart: it is!!!
gadgefan48: Congrats Matt...that is a huge honor!
Mr. Spumoni: According to The Rangerillion when the Lost Elders return to us it will herald the greastest days of the Rangerdom, when the name of the Rescue Rangers will once again be known in all the land. I look forward to meeting Mr. Ploetcher...
Racebest: Haha JP
munkart: he's here...must I draw my blade?
JeffParkes: That's 5 M's and a P! Congratulations!
Dr. Indy: And now, the finale...
Lightindark76: Congrats
Jeff Pierce: Yayyyy, MATT!!
munkart: thanx Sparky
Midnight Man: And Kan Sune is on staaaaaaaaaaaaaage.........
Sparky Hardwire: Congrats Midnight Man and Master Munkart!
JeffParkes: Oh, the irony of the discussion of Matt Plotecher's works mere moments ago. . .
UrthQuake: if it weren't for him, I probably would not have written anything...
munkart: cool!!! THANX!!!
Racebest: There you go! PLotecher won it!
Midnight Man: Indeed, verily, etc.
UrthQuake: woot! Plotecher takes it!
Dr. Indy: I thought so, too, Squeak. Overdue, even.
gadgefan48: To the 2 rookies Midnight and Master Munkart, congrats on the great achievement!
Squeak: that lifetime achievement one is well deserved
munkart: lol
JeffParkes: Midnight Man, Master Munkart
Racebest: Congrats MM and MM!!
munkart: m's?
JeffParkes: Congrats to all four M's!
UrthQuake: and tomorrow is supposed to be even nastier, from what I've heard
Mr. Spumoni: Here's hoping you'll be as awesome in the upcoming year!
gadgefan48: Yeah, and it's only February (or March)
Dr. Indy: **Major Picture Alert** Hang on to your goggles...
Mr. Spumoni: It's Double M! My fellow historian!
Eddie: There's been tons of tornado warnings tonight.
Nyperold: Ohhh! So that's who wolf and rabbit are!1
gadgefan48: Yeah, it's very hairy near Kansas City
Eddie: @Jeff: As a matter of fact, yes. The other browser I have open now is displaying the severe weather in Missouri right now.
munkart: lol
Mr. Spumoni: Okay, Rookie of the Year and the Kashefipour Award are on deck!
Eddie: I still gotta draw Boxy chasing RangerReady with the eyelash curler...
Jeff Pierce: I imagine you're already gearing up for severe storm season, Eddie.
Squeak: *makes note next year to promote FTTL next year for the awards*
Eddie: Thanks, Boxy! I had fun with that...
Jeff Pierce: MM, "Swarm" is just about as good as FttL, IMHO, and one of the very few fanfics that gives Zipper a starring role.
BOC42: Oh, Eddie~ I loved your driving the F250 onto the stage!
Fernando: he's a bus, what you'd expect?
JeffParkes: Well, not right now, but at this point in my life
JeffParkes: What?!? I'm in the middle of reading Swarm right now for the nth time!
munkart: same here
UrthQuake: or sublime, even
gadgefan48: The big moment is coming!
UrthQuake: oh yes, Plotecher's work are sublim
Nyperold: Heh. FttL kept me up reading it.
||||||||| JeffParkes hides under his chair again
Midnight Man: And I haven't read Swarm, WBWCDKSC, and Payback yet.
JeffParkes: excellent! thanks!
munkart: YOU SURE
Mr. Spumoni: I'm just about ready to be done with "professional attitude".
Eddie: Congrats to Fish and Demcio!
Angel Eyes: Anyway, I can't believe Greyhound does not know the difference between a Model A Ford ambulance with a modern ambulance bed and a 1925 Rolls Royce ambulance.
||||||||| Mr. Spumoni ties his tie around his head, Rambo style.
Eddie: Oh, and character/fursona/persona descriptions, too.
Racebest: And Fly to the Light is another ALLTIME CLASSIC in my opinion
Racebest: Fish in Chains
Jeff Pierce: Squeak, I'd agree that more of our fellow Rangerphiles need to go to the RRDatabase and reacquaint themselves with Matt Plotecher's works.
Eddie: Hey, Jeff...gimme a couple days and I can arrange that...
Racebest: Haha me too!
Mr. Spumoni: Hooraay for tradition, eh Double M!
munkart: love FTTL
Squeak: *thinks Fly to the Light is far better than Rythme and Reason*
JeffParkes: I think the only thing I want after this show is over is a picture of Jeff Pierce, Mr. Spumoni and I locked in the ACNN booth, with popcorn, Fritos, and a bag of Halloween Snickers. Then my life will be complete
Mr. Spumoni: I would read "Fish in Chains"...
Midnight Man: 'kay, I must confess that I tried to sneak Fly to the Light into the list.
UrthQuake: and Loneheart too; that is awesome
Squeak: Wow, did Fly to the light not even get nominated?
UrthQuake: thanks Boxy just wanted to express my pleasure in winning a couple of awards with you
Racebest: *truly
Racebest: turly
Midnight Man: R&R and OMAM, the order is restored!
Dr. Indy: Okay, going upstairs one last time for last two awards--lots of pictures to finish this shindig out...
||||||||| Jeff Pierce heads backstage to deliver the Rookie of the Year presentation
gadgefan48: Of Mice and Mayhem is truly a classic!
Racebest: Rhyme and Reason got up there too!
Racebest: That was great with Fish
Angel Eyes: I voted for Rye on many occasions. I'm glad she won the awards she has.
BOC42: I was VERY relieved to find out you had won Best Drama too....
Squeak: @MM I hope not actually, there are better stories than RAR (not that it isn't great)
Eddie: What'd you do, ian?
BOC42: Yes, UQ? Major congrats, BTW
Dr. Indy: You've got to admit, OMaM is one great story :-)
Eddie: Congrats to Dr. Indy and Chris S and Fish!
||||||||| Zombie Ian just entered this channel
JeffParkes: Uh oh! A (insert names of where the acorn awards are this year)
Sparky Hardwire: 3 in a row WOW~
munkart: also a good story
Midnight Man: Besides, Nando, the next award can only go to Michael Demcion for Rhyme and Reason, and that was released 11 years ago.
Mr. Spumoni: OMaM is the single largest draw to this fandom since "Of Rhyme and Reason".
UrthQuake: BoxyBoxyBoxyBoxyBoxy!
Midnight Man: Okay, so Fish isn't Best All-Time Artist. But Best All-Time Writer for a change, together with Indy & Chris?
UrthQuake: Boxy!
munkart: its a great story
Eddie: No kidding, Mr. Pierce.
Racebest: And to think...we STILL have over 30 members here
Nyperold: That's what I thought!
JeffParkes: Rookie of the year first
Jeff Pierce: Anyone who makes a nearly 250-page CDRR graphic novel is gonna be tough to beat for best all-time artwork
gadgefan48: Congrats to the great story oMaM and Fish!
Racebest: Is that the last one?
Angel Eyes: In the art category, Rye has been referred to as a he. Rye, as we all know, is a she.
Fernando: OMAM is over 3 years old. Fish has to freshen theart to compeat
Mr. Spumoni: Up next then is my favorite...The Natasha Kashefipour Lifetime Achievement Award...
Lightindark76: what up, Munkart
munkart: (dreamy eyed)
Admiral RangerReady: Did the Commies' filter keep Rye out of the festivities this year, or something?
Mr. Spumoni: Not in this reality, Double M.
Racebest: Congrats Rye!
Regrin: Congrats to Rye!
Eddie: Congratulations to Fish! Huzzah for OMaM!!!!
Sparky Hardwire: Congrats to Fish and Rye!
JeffParkes: Although, OMaM still won for the artwork, so there's still some semblance of order to the galaxy
BOC42: SWEET!! The FISH rules!
Midnight Man: YAYYYYYYYY!!!!
Mr. Spumoni: A remarkable upset!
munkart: where r u Rye?
Squeak: If best artist was the suprise... then I would honestly have been more suprised if any of the others won it. Rye's artwork is consistantly beyond excellent
Jeff Pierce: Congratuations to Rye! And yes, that is some fantastic art she does, she certainly qualifies.
gadgefan48: Congrats Rye!
Midnight Man: What'll be next? OMAM dethroned?
Nyperold: Yay, Rye!
Lightindark76: Rye is an awesome artist
Racebest: OMaM nabs it!
Lightindark76: not a surprise
Midnight Man: What? Rye beat Fish? In-freaking-credible!
Eddie: Congratulations to Rye!
JeffParkes: An upset, ladies and gentlemen! Fish didn't win the All-Time Award this year, but Rye did!
Mr. Spumoni: Hey, bock's and Toni snuck "Best Caption" by me! Congrats you two!
Lightindark76: That doesn't surpirse me
Eddie: Oh? This'll be good...
JeffParkes: Man, <Staff> teaches a lot of my classes, too. That guy gets around!
||||||||| Jeff Pierce waves a "FISH!" flag
Dr. Indy: And now, for perhaps the surprise winner of the night.. Certainly notable in the history of the Rangerphile order...
Eddie: Lol, Indy.
Nyperold: In a nuthouse?
gadgefan48: Fish probably has a separate room just full of Golden Acorns
Sparky Hardwire: HOORAY for the Cafe!!!
Dr. Indy: <Presenter> is the brother of that guy <Staff> who teaches so many of our college courses...
Admiral RangerReady: I will have to notify Starfleet and requisition a trophy case for Sovereign's bridge.
Lightindark76: what up, again
Mr. Spumoni: He has to have a seperate house for them or something...
Eddie: Yee-HAA!
Mr. Spumoni: Where do you suppose Fish keeps all of his awards?
Eddie: Hiya, Light.
JeffParkes: Hip hip hip hip hip hip HOORAY!!!!!
munkart: WOOHOOO!!!
Eddie: Huzzah for the Cafe!!!
Mr. Spumoni: (You cheer here...)
||||||||| Lightindark76 just entered this channel
Midnight Man: You know what comes now, don't you?
Mr. Spumoni: Hip Hip...
Eddie: If not, there's room on Columbia for the ride back, Boxy.
Mr. Spumoni: Of course, three cheers for the Acorn Cafe', which Lady Kashefipour laid down in her wisdom!
JeffParkes: well, OK, seven cheers for the Acorn Cafe!
gadgefan48: Hip Hip HOORAY!!!
Racebest: HipHipHooray
Squeak: and congratulations once again to my darling, Tamira.
Midnight Man: What, only three?
Racebest: HipHipHooray
Mr. Spumoni: Hey Boxy, will all of your awards fit on that ship of yours?
JeffParkes: And three cheers for the Acorn Cafe!
Racebest: Interesting...I didn't realize the quotes were swapped
munkart: to gadgetfan: thanx!!
Midnight Man: Golly, and two more awards for Tam!
Mr. Spumoni: May he bring about a new Ranger Age!
Sparky Hardwire: @ Eddie, Indeed!
Mr. Spumoni: Mr. Chairman, your efforts are not in vain!
JeffParkes: Quick note for Dr. Indy: you might want to fix <presenters>
Eddie: Congratulations to Alain! Personally, I believe that he really deserved that one.
UrthQuake: oh Boxy! congrats on your award wins!
gadgefan48: Congrats Alain!
Mr. Spumoni: Alain! Alain! Alain!
Nyperold: <presenters>?
Sparky Hardwire: HOORAY for Alain!
JeffParkes: and to Alain!
Squeak: *looks at RR* what? It takes more than just one litre of mountain dew to effect me!
gadgefan48: Congrats on your success Munkart!
Eddie: Congrats again, Tamira!
munkart: cheers
Squeak: Congratulations my darling!
gadgefan48: Way to go Tamira!
munkart: thanx.great 2 b back
Mr. Spumoni: Here's to Tam!
JeffParkes: or Here here! ('cause it's after "Here's to. . ." Actually, how is it spelled?)
Sparky Hardwire: Congrats Tam!
BOC42: Congrats, MM!!
munkart: alright Tam!!
Dr. Indy: But I did include the pic I got, which was quite nice too. I'll fix it in the editing booth...
JeffParkes: Hear hear!
Midnight Man: Aw, c'mon, Spu, you're flattering me more than this award.
Sparky Hardwire: Hello Ian!
Eddie: And congrats to Tamira!
||||||||| Angel Eyes waits for the other shoe to drop.
Mr. Spumoni: Here's to Double M, one of the most giving people I've ever met!
||||||||| Admiral RangerReady sees Squeak drinking the Mountain Dew, and sets his phaser for extreme stun.
Dr. Indy: And now the only dropped ball I've had tonight--I lost a presentation and couldn't get a copy of it to fix it. My apologies to Campisi and Live2Dream, who gave me a very nice presentation...
Squeak: welcome back munkart
gadgefan48: Congrats Midnight!
UrthQuake: hey Boxy! and wb munkart!
||||||||| munkart just entered this channel
Sparky Hardwire: Congrats Midnight!
Sparky Hardwire: Yeah Boxy! The have allot of gold on them "sorry for the bad pun"
Eddie: Congrats to MM!
Squeak: @gadg Good idea!!! *drinks about a litre of the stuff Ian gave him in one go*
Eddie: @ UQ: I remember that day...
gadgefan48: The Wikis are racing up the golder acorns!
Mr. Spumoni: Hey Boxy! Your crate of Golden Acorn awards are in the back! Remember, lift with your knees, not your back.
JeffParkes: MM! The most helpfulest!
BOC42: Thanks you guys!
Ian: Hey Sparky
Sparky Hardwire: alright I'm back
JeffParkes: Wiki wiki!
||||||||| Sparky Hardwire just entered this channel
Midnight Man: The Wiki again? WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!
Eddie: LOL!
gadgefan48: Do the Dew!
Squeak: but it was a JOKE! Now drop it.
JeffParkes: This is Jeff for ACNN. Right before the final stretch of awards, BOC42, also known as Boxy, has made an appearance and been mobbed by the crowd. Meanwhile, these Snickers are pretty good for being four months old.
||||||||| Ian throws a 2 liter of Mountain Dew at Squeak
Squeak: yes, yes I did.
Racebest: Wow...poor Squeak is outnumbered...Okay you guys...don't make me give him caffeine or somehting
Racebest: So was I
Arik: Squeak, I know what it means but you were still showind disrespect.
gadgefan48: Woah...calm down everyone...we are all friends around here
Squeak: it tastes good
Eddie: Indeed, Boxy! Congratulations on all of your wins!
Squeak: sheesh
Eddie: I was talking about the chocolate, Race.
Racebest: BOXY!!! *tackle hugs and ends up hurting himself* Hey! Congrats on all your GAA Awards!!!
Squeak: it means I WASN'T being serious!
BOC42: Hehe...Why are you eating confetti?
Nyperold: Hello!
Squeak: Arik, do you know what the word 'kidding' actually means?
Racebest: No Eddie...more like "Another one Bites the Dust"
Midnight Man: Yay, Boxy is back!
Eddie: BOXY!! Hiya, glad to see that you finally made it!
||||||||| Mr. Spumoni "It's DARE" plays on Spumoni's iTunes, forcing him to dance.
Eddie: Is it like that song, "Dust on the Bottle?"
Squeak: *eats some of the confetti* this tastes but better than mag-light
Arik: Squeak, kidding or not, you were showing disrespect to Jeanette.
gadgefan48: A pool of confettie!
Eddie: No...
||||||||| BOC42 just entered this channel
JeffParkes: And, we're on, in 5...4...3...2...
Racebest: Yepppers!!
||||||||| Racebest throws confettie
Dr. Indy: Okay, ready for the final leg of the marathon...
Admiral RangerReady: Eddie, don't you know that chocolate just gets more potent with age?
Nyperold: Well, yeah.
JeffParkes: ah, that'll hit the spot! Thanks, Jeff!
Eddie: You still have leftovers from Halloween? Are those safe?
Mr. Spumoni: Mr. Pierce to the rescue!
||||||||| Jeff Pierce hands Jeff Parkes a leftover Halloween big bag of mini-Snickers bars
Squeak: Fernando, we are kidding around, chill.
Eddie: LOL, Squeak. Those things are effective...
Arik: True, Nyperold, but it is a disrespect to disagknowledge Jeanette and Yukino.
Nyperold: Yeah. Poke is more like Metroid Prime 2. :
Admiral RangerReady: Well, there's been good company both online and off, for the GAA's! *looks over at the two Chip plushies sitting by his computer*
Squeak: * = )
Mr. Spumoni: Just for the Halibut...
JeffParkes: You don't happen to have a candy bar gun, do you?
Eddie: No clue, Spumoni.
Mr. Spumoni: We're getting your chatter on the mikes!
Fernando: lets relax fellas... I'm sorry that Tamira could not make it but tonight all the ladies are lovely, even the ones who are not here...
Squeak: (yeah, we have a 4 D cell one and work. I call it the 'anti-theft device'*
Racebest: Fish of the day?!
Mr. Spumoni: Hey! Knock it off or I'll use the other gun next!
Racebest: that had to hurt
||||||||| Mr. Spumoni a fish lands amid the squabblers.
Arik: I don't know about that, Nyperold, is there a difference between "Poke" and American McGee's Alice?
Mr. Spumoni: Anyone know who the rabbit and wolf are in the story break?
Eddie: (Mag lites have a hardened steel know that, right Squeak?)
Racebest: Ow
Nyperold: Hey! It's no disrespect to Tamira to acknowledge these.
||||||||| Fernando Gets in between Arik And Squeak
Squeak: your food tastes bad *hands back the slightly chewed mag-light*
||||||||| Eddie watches Squeak break a tooth.
Nyperold: As far as chat happenings go, I'm going to have to wait for the transcript.
Squeak: *avoid the swing, then grabs the mag light and tries to eat it*
Mr. Spumoni: Minty Sessech!
||||||||| Arik smacks Squeak upside the head with Jeanette's Mag-Lite.
JeffParkes: Uh oh, you'd better not give him that while he still has that rifle
Fernando: It can go either way, Jeanette.
Mr. Spumoni: Okay, I think I'm ready for the Special Awards...
Nyperold: At least it's not American McGee's Arik.
||||||||| Admiral RangerReady reaches into his emergency medical kit, and gives Mr. Spumoni a hypospray of adrenaline.
Mr. Spumoni: ...
Mr. Spumoni: They've lied to me before Mr. Parkes///
Nyperold: I'm only caught up on the forum part of things, actually...
Arik: The Poke thread, also known as "Arik in Wonderland."
Racebest: Ah
JeffParkes: That's what the booth says anyway, as well as your microphone
Squeak: lovely ladies? *looks around for Tam* ...none here that I can see...
Mr. Spumoni: This is least I think it still is, I'm not quite sure.
Mr. Spumoni: Just the last four hours and fifteen minutes Nype, if you can explain that I'll be good.
gadgefan48: and popcorn
Angel Eyes: We can have the party at the "Poke" round robin.
||||||||| Fernando pours Arik some sparkling cider
JeffParkes: aw man! Wrong species!
Mr. Spumoni: They had better be Fritos! And a candy bar for Mr. Parkes!
Arik: Sure!
Eddie: Lol.
Mr. Spumoni: Party's at your house Race, didn't you get the e-mail?
Angel Eyes: There are four of us together: a squirrel, chipmunk, fox and ermine.
gadgefan48: Party!?! Viva Party!
UrthQuake: it's going to be at my place!
Admiral RangerReady: Why not both, Race?
Mr. Spumoni: As much as I ever am...
Nyperold: What was confusing? Not that I necessarily understood...
Racebest: At the forum or at the Chat?
||||||||| JeffParkes comes out from under his chair to see who his lovely ladies are
Racebest: Where's the party going to be?
Fernando: Arik, cider?
Racebest: Spumoni? You still with us?
JeffParkes: My lovely ladies???
Mr. Spumoni: Nype! You're all caught up! Good! Can you explain it to me?
Fernando: your = you or two, take your choice
||||||||| Nyperold is caught up again... for now. He's back in his seat.
Fernando: I've forgotten- I'm out with your lovely ladies. bad me! *slaps wrist*
Admiral RangerReady: And I must begin updating RRHQ with a page on the awards of our staff!
Eddie: LOL!
Mr. Spumoni: I'll interview them now if they want! I'm not that heavily armed...
Angel Eyes: Thanks.
Mr. Spumoni: Hey, SWEddie, I've been trained by the best Civil War Re-Enacters in the country how to pretend how to use a rifle in combat...
Eddie: That's a good question, Race. Hey, Spu...aren't you gonna interview people afterwards, too?
||||||||| Fernando pours some sparkling cider into Jeanette's glass.
Charles Roberts: *Thinking about something*
JeffParkes: *peering from underneath his chair* Would the least effort happen to be the guy sitting next to you?
||||||||| Jeff Pierce puts on his bulletproof vest and tin hat.
Racebest: Where is the party going to be? On the forum or in the Chat?
Eddie: Ain't a rifle kinda hard to use in close quarters combat? Especially a big one?
Lightindark76: All I can say is that you don't know everything about Labartou
Mr. Spumoni: Hey! I'm not aiming in random directions! I'm only aiming where it can possibly do the most damage with the least effort!
Racebest: So I'll say Friday sometime
Eddie: @ Jeff!
Gwendolyn_katsche: A great night so far!
Mr. Spumoni: Well, Light...I may have something to...interest you...if fate does move you in that direction.
Racebest: although we do have some slow weekends...and others get busy
Angel Eyes: Windows may be a bug house but at least I don't have to reboot it twice in one night.
Racebest: Hmm...I don't know. I'd give it till during the weekend
JeffParkes: This is Jeff Parkes reporting for ACNN. . .correspondent Mr. Spumoni has suddenly pulled a gun and is aiming it in random places. I will now duck underneath my chair.
Eddie: And I agree with RR, Jeff P.
Mr. Spumoni: Think we'll hit it tonight Race?
Eddie: This has been really fun so far!
Racebest: Couldn't have said it better myself JP
Mr. Spumoni: Best Author, and Most Improved! Way to go Sessech!
gadgefan48: A night when dreams come true!
Lightindark76: I'm not talking....
Midnight Man: I wonder if the competition in the written works section will be as tough this year as it was last year.
JeffParkes: Best. Fandom. Ever.
Racebest: ...until we hit 200000
Lightindark76: believe what you want about that last image
Charles Roberts: Hay Gwen I just saw Volk and Zatayc in the picture
Admiral RangerReady: Never in my wildest dreams, when I started in this fandom, did I think I'd be walking off stage with six Golden Acorn awards.
Mr. Spumoni: Hmmm...
Racebest: Only 619 more posts....
Mr. Spumoni: Light, is that a new story you just announced?
UrthQuake: *puts his awards in a bag, which he throws down a deep hole he had dug* they'll be safe there...
Fernando: wb Jeanette
||||||||| Mr. Spumoni huddles around his Golden Acorn.
||||||||| Angel Eyes just entered this channel
Mr. Spumoni: They'll never take my precious!
Lightindark76: so again, thanks
||||||||| Mr. Spumoni takes out his model 1858 Sharps Rifle and the Fish Blaster.
Lightindark76: I really do appreciate those awards though
Gwendolyn_katsche: Congrats!
UrthQuake: hey, we all have our specialites, Light
Mr. Spumoni: Congrats Sessech!
Lightindark76: thanks
Racebest: Hmm I've never seen a blue pig before....
Ian: Whoa, there's a lot of people in here...
Jeff Pierce: Certainly memorable ones, Light.
JeffParkes: Better hide your award that's been sitting on the desk, Mr. S. There are some blue pigs and Russian spies out looking for awards, or so I hear
Lightindark76: At least I know I make good characters
Gwendolyn_katsche: Is it the "Special" award already?
||||||||| Ian just entered this channel
Jeff Pierce: Our final set of categories tonight are the "Special" awards, which are always highly competitive.
Mr. Spumoni: Is that up now?
Racebest: Congrats!
||||||||| Christaub starts reading the beginning of the GAAs...
UrthQuake: *takes his hand and scratches his back with it* ahhhhh....
Admiral RangerReady: Best
Fernando: 'k Jeanette
UrthQuake: lol Spumoni
gadgefan48: 10-4 Angel
||||||||| Racebest gives the authors each a plastic hand
Eddie: Seriously? Wow!
Mr. Spumoni: I have that kind of free time.
Angel Eyes: I'll be right back. X-windows needs a restart.
Mr. Spumoni: There is no fandom on the internet that has such a library of quality art (RRt) and fan-fiction...I know, I checked.
Gwendolyn_katsche: Let's give them a hand!
Eddie: Indeed, Spumoni. Indeed.
UrthQuake: yay! I are talented!
Eddie: Congrats to Loneheart for GiC!
Mr. Spumoni: "here"
gadgefan48: All of the winners and even all of the nominees have worked so far...that all deserve a hand!
JeffParkes: Very true, Jeff! And all the ties we've had tonight mean that there is certainly plenty of talent to go around!
Mr. Spumoni: I think we are blessed to have such an amazing pool of talent her in the fandom.
||||||||| Sparky Hardwire just logged off.
Admiral RangerReady:
Sparky Hardwire: Well I have to get going I might be back here later...congrats to all the winners
Mr. Spumoni: My fingers are going to start bleeding before this is over...
Racebest: that was great
Jeff Pierce: Agreed, Midnight. ALL of tonight's award winners and nominees have been most worthy!
Mr. Spumoni: Sessech, SWEddie, TripleSee...congrats guys, you are all awesome.
Angel Eyes: Your behind, I had to give up on reading the GA Awards because I could not keep up.
Midnight Man: And Stainless, in case you read this, you've deserved these awards.
Midnight Man: Indeed, Gwen, indeed.
Mr. Spumoni: This is ACNN...Spumoni hopelessly behind. Throwing Fritos and Popcorn to award winners.
JeffParkes: and congrats to Loneheart and SSR!
Eddie: Mega-congrats to RR for Best Author! (I'm a bit behind...)
Dr. Indy: Okay, breaking again and we'll go to the home stretch...
Gwendolyn_katsche: Best Story are one of the best until now
Mr. Spumoni: This is ACNN...
JeffParkes: hey, that's a great presentation! Whoever wrote it certainly deserves a candy bar!
gadgefan48: Congrats to Loneheart and SSR!
Eddie: Congrats, RR and CCC! And sorry about that, Spu...
Arik: Elfen, how would that be a bad thing?
UrthQuake: yay! big BIG ups to Loneheart for Best Story! and to SSR too!
Admiral RangerReady: Thank ye, kind sir!
gadgefan48: That's awesome! Congrats RangerReady on all of your success!
Mr. Spumoni: By the time SWEddies intro loaded on my dial-up two other categories had been called...
||||||||| Arik just entered this channel
Dr. Indy: The Best Story presentation gets my vote as the single funniest presentation we've ever had at the Awards...
||||||||| Nyperold is kinda behind... he's just now seeing Best Action Adventure!
Mr. Spumoni: It's official..I'm behind.
Jeff Pierce: Congrats, RangerReady!
Squeak: I guess so
Racebest: Yup
Charles Roberts: How you all like my Undertaker entrances?
Squeak: are the awards still going?
Fernando: Arik, just as long as there is no Best Art Derieved From The Poke Thread category
JeffParkes: Good job, R/R!
gadgefan48: All right! Way to go RangerReady and CCC!
Racebest: There's Boxy again
Squeak: hmm... took longer than I thought to get home from uni!
Racebest: congrats RR and CCC!!!
Gwendolyn_katsche: Hi!
UrthQuake: and heya Squeak!
gadgefan48: Good night Silver!
UrthQuake: night Silver
Dr. Indy: Coming up on the big two for Written now..
Racebest: And hello Squeak
Eddie: Bye, Silver@
Racebest: Night Silver
||||||||| Squeak just entered this channel
Silver Shadow: Night, all!
Mr. Spumoni: Night Silver!
Mr. Spumoni: This is ACNN...Mr. Parkes is Candy-Bar-Less at the GA's!
Gwendolyn_katsche: Yes, what an entrance!
Silver Shadow: I've got to run, Rangerphiles--but rejoice, because that means Boxy's getting back from work soon!
Angel Eyes: Arik I don't believe that would be necessary as I plan to move beyond just round robins.
Mr. Spumoni: Ya' got skunked Mr. Parkes!
Mr. Spumoni: Good, shoot out that flourescent ligh, it's driving me nuts!
gadgefan48: That's what I call an entrance!
Jeff Pierce: Congratulations, Stainless!
Dr. Indy: Okay, maybe that's in relative terms...
Mr. Spumoni: I'm falling farther and farther behind!
JeffParkes: hey! What about my candy bar?
Eddie: Why, thank you, Race.
UrthQuake: indeed grats be to SSR
Racebest: Had me laughing a good amount
||||||||| Jeff Pierce just entered this channel
Mr. Spumoni: Night Alain!
Eddie: Of course I do, Spu....but the safety's on now.
Racebest: Oh Eddie!!! That was great!!
Charles Roberts: That got to hurt
Mr. Spumoni: Ah, it'll do Mr. Pierce, it'll do.
Eddie: Congrats to SSR!
Dr. Indy: **picture alert** Smaller this time...
Silver Shadow: Congrats to SSS!
Gwendolyn_katsche: BOC42 won for best romance
Mr. Spumoni: SWEddie, don't have that pistol on you know do you?
||||||||| Jeff Pierce just logged off.
Midnight Man: So much about me outwriting him.
Silver Shadow: UQ, Boxy, and Loneheart! That's quite a lineup!
Mr. Spumoni: SSR won! That's his first of the evening.
Midnight Man: WOOT! Finally one for Stainless!
||||||||| Jeff Pierce shrugs, and makes a toy model of the QE2 appear in Spumoni'
Gwendolyn_katsche: Bye
Alain: sorry I couldn't stay
gadgefan48: See you later Alain!
Fernando: I will Alian.
Eddie: Bye, Alain.
Alain: keep a transcript for me, m'kay?
Alain: people, I'm off the chat right now... it's 5 AM here in Belgium and I'm falling asleep even though I'm very excited about what's still about to happen....
Racebest: there we go
Arik: Will there be a catagory for best round robin author next year?
Racebest: Are those pictures?
Fernando: the QE2?
Dr. Indy: I hate when that happens--the pics'll be up on a sec...
Gwendolyn_katsche: I'm at it again, Best Romance came quickly!
Lightindark76: And I do appreciate that
JeffParkes: ack! Congrats to all the winners, most of which I haven't been able to keep up with!
Mr. Spumoni: Okay Mr. Pierce, pony up...I want the QE2 in my backyard!
Gwendolyn_katsche: UQ again!
Dr. Indy: **picture presentation alert**
UrthQuake: lol oh wow.. I tied with Boxy AND Loneheart! that's awesome
Mr. Spumoni: He's won two awards tonight Light...
Midnight Man: Golly, the awards are certainly hailing down on UQ and Boxy.
JeffParkes: I just want a candy bar. Wait, no, a *big* candy bar!
Mr. Spumoni: Dream of us and our wierdness!
Mr. Spumoni: Night Rose!
Mr. Spumoni: Quake! Quake! Quake!
||||||||| Jeff Pierce gets spit out of the lamp, and lands with a *THUD*
Mr. Spumoni: Hooray for Loneheart and UQ!
WildIrishRose: I'd love to stick around everyone, but I need some sleep. G'night.
UrthQuake: yes, I'll have to discuss that with Loneheart next time he's on
Eddie: And congrats to Boxy yet again!!
Gwendolyn_katsche: Congrats UQ!
||||||||| JeffParkes find the lamp with Jeff Pierce in it and rubs it
Mr. Spumoni: He's become a fixture in the community Light, perhaps second only to Widget in terms of Fanon recognizability.
gadgefan48: And another tie...amazing! Congrats to UQ and Loneheart!
Lightindark76: to answer your question, spu
Mr. Spumoni: If he grants wishes I get the first and the last.
UrthQuake: thanks again
Lightindark76: I just appreciate the fact that Labartou won. He's my greatest character
Mr. Spumoni: Well, rub it I guess.
Mr. Spumoni: Wow...
Eddie: Congratulations, UQ!
Gwendolyn_katsche: Best Thriller/Horror or whatever
JeffParkes: Uh oh, we've got to get our co-ACNN correspondent out of the lamp!
Gwendolyn_katsche: Now it's my turn!
||||||||| Mr. Spumoni straightens his tie...
Gwendolyn_katsche: Way to go Genie!
gadgefan48: Who needs a photo finish when we have ties!
Midnight Man: Yeah, Spu, we're breaking almost every record that can be broken.
Racebest: Congrats!!
Silver Shadow: Awesome job, UQ!
Midnight Man: Boxy! Boxy! Boxy! Boxy! Boxy! Boxy! Boxy! Boxy!
Mr. Spumoni: Another record number of winners in a category...
JeffParkes: 2006 GA Awards: The year of. . .the Tie!
Midnight Man: Oh, I almost forgot.
UrthQuake: thanks guys
Eddie: And congratulations again to RangerReady!
Nyperold: (Yeah, I already saw 'em, so I could skip 'em. )
Jeff Pierce: And congrats (and well-deserved) to UQ!
Eddie: I voted too.
Mr. Spumoni: I know I voted.
Mr. Spumoni: I probably couldn't congratulate all the winners in time, so, basically, you all rock!
Silver Shadow: @Jeff: It was a fluke. I voted!
WildIrishRose: Woohoo UQ won!
Gwendolyn_katsche: Congrats RangerReady
Jeff Pierce: ! even
Jeff Pierce: Good heavens! Ties all over the place1
Mr. Spumoni: Amazing!
Mr. Spumoni: Agh! They're coming to fast again!
Eddie: WOW! There's a first!
Silver Shadow: Five way tie! Outstanding!
Eddie: Thay ALL won?!
Mr. Spumoni: Ah, I stand corrected Mr. Parkes.
WildIrishRose: RR won again! *dances*
JeffParkes: So did nobody vote for "Best Original Female," or was it just a weird fluke?
Mr. Spumoni: Comments on Labartou's sharing the Beest Villain Award?