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::In front of the Peterhof, where a hoard of vehicles makes their way slowly up the driveway, photographers stand, their flashes like random lightning strikes. The red carpet rolls down its many steps leading to it's entrance. A beautiful laser light hologram, spotting thru a screen of water mist, reads 'Welcome Rescue Rangers to St. Petersburg". It randomly changes colors and font types to keep all eyes coming back to it::


::The spotlights beckon with their promise of something great to see as Peterhof gleams in the night. The camera focuses on the grand falls, the waters illuminated by the spectacle. Then we see Stan Blather in the foreground::


Stan: Greetings, and welcome to the fifth annual Golden Acorn Awards. I'm Stan Blather, reporting from just outside Peterhof, the legendary capital of fountains, the dream of Peter the Great. As you can see behind me, everything is ready for tonight's events.


::The camera angle widens, showing the great number of vehicles and people arriving::


Stan: Last year's Awards in Sydney were spectacular, and they appear to be just as splendid or better this time. Let's check in with some of the early arrivals.


::As if on cue, more vehicles, mostly buses now with a few limos here and there, pull into the driveway and unload their various passengers of well-known actors, voice talents, stars, and cartoon characters....the works! One particular vehicle, a very shined up Prevost H3-45 in Greyhound lines colors slowly pulls up. Its silver-chromed P5LA Train horns bling and reflect light from various camera flashes and lights. Its Alcoa rims are like spinning mirrors::


::The camera turns and zooms onto the bus::


Stan: And here's one arrival now…


::That was pretty much the worst thing Stan could have said. Stepping off the bus is a white and black spotted mouse dressed in a very nicely tailored light gray Greyhound driver's uniform. In this getup, he looks more like an airline pilot, complete with a light gray hat. This matched his irisless pale gray eyes::


GB: Da mouse.....is here!


Stan: Welcome Mr. GB. Are you excited about being here?


::Not really knowing who Stan is, GB glances at him and the camera before stopping. The Camera was all that was needed to stop him::


GB: OOOOoo...anotha chance at stardom! (Strikes a pose before the camera) Da Mouse is very excited!


::The camera aims on GB as he strikes a pose::


Stan: And what do you think about this year's location?


::GB blinks then pushes Stan out of the way, snatching his microphone::


GB: Locations mean nothin' to Da Mouse!! Step aside playah. Let Da Mouse show ya how it's done!


::With a new step of confidence, GB begins poking about the arrivals, the camera following him, trying to get interviews but not really succeeding::


::The Camera pans over to an arriving vehicle, which appears to be a 1925 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost front end with a modern ambulance body on the rear. The shiny paint job alone was enough to get all eyes on it. The driver and passenger disembark—a squirrel wearing a smartly tailored Tuxedo, escorting a beautiful snow ermine wearing a nice silk kimono, matching her fur color::

::The passengers approach GB and the camera. The snow ermine, one Jeanette Isabelle, walks up to the microphone::


Jeanette: Oh, isn't this a lovely night for the awards! I'm so glad to—


::GB's eyes nearly pop out of his head as he gushes at the beauty::


GB: Good lord....jus look at'er.....da beauty...da passion....


Jeanette: Oh, thank you, I…hey, where are you going?


::He makes a beeline straight for the ambulance, passing the passengers and totally forgetting to interview them. Instead he heads straight for the ambulance. The camera follows him as Stan Blather snatches the mic back from GB to complete his interviews::


GB: Yo baby....lookin' good ta-night.....


::GB turns and swats at the camera, annoyed::


GB: Back off dude! Cant ya see we're hittin' it off right? (turning his attention back to the ambulance) Ya know I'm diesel powered...


::The cameraman comes and taps GB on the shoulder::


GB: Oh yeah—hang around 'cause we'll be right back with those cool Golden Acorn awards, YO!


::As GB returns his attention to the sparkling ambulance, the scene irises out::