GA Awards Finale


 ::The Rangers and Dr. Indy return to the stage::

Dr. Indy: Well folks, it’s been a great show again this year. Thanks once again to all our presenters, and another round of applause to Lightindark76—we’ll be getting the commemorative web plaques to you in the next few days.

::The audience applauds as Lightindark76 stands::

Dr. Indy: And now folks, you know what time it is! Come on up everyone, let’s sing it!

::The crowd runs up on stage, as the orchestra starts the Ranger Theme::

Dr. Indy, Mike Demcio and Ray Jones: Some-times…

Pupspals, Tanka and Campisi: Some crimes..

Greyhound Bus and Bock’s Car: Go slippin’ through the cracks…

Lightindark76 and Midnight Man: But these two, gum-shoes…

The JAM and AQD Robert: Are pickin’ up the slack!

Guys: There’s no case too big, no case too small!

Gals: If you need help just call…

ALL: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale, RES-CUE RAN-GERS!

Chip and Dale: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale!

Gadget and Foxy: When there’s dan-ger!

Lightindark76 and Rachel: No no, it never fails once they’re involved…

KS and Morgan K: Some-how what-ever’s wrong gets solved!

ALL: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale, RES-CUE RAN-GERS!

Chip and Dale: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale!

Gadget and Foxy: When there’s dan-ger!


::Everybody claps, then Indy grins::

Indy: You know what’s next, folks…

ALL: Hey J.A.M.! What time is it?

¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!!



::The party goes on as party balloons begins to fall down from  the ceiling, and down on the crowded floor, and in the meanwhile, are Cash and his Singing Strays singing Hound Dude from The Fox and the Hound II together with Chip and Dale.


Gadget Hackwrench, the wildebeest Kazar from The Wild, Lil’ Lightning from 101 Dalmatians II, RJ, Heather, and The Singing Strays, and everybody else are playing with the balloons, but they will not pop them. April O’Neil is interviewing Gadget Hackwrench after their balloon play::

April O’neil: How was the fifth GA?

Gadget: Great!

April O’neil: What was the highlight this evening?

Gadget: Can’t explain! Everything went well!

::Outside are the big audience leaving the building with all their balloons, banners and flags, as the moon are shining over the moonlit city. Todd and Copper they were both a little sad that the show had to end, but Dixie from The Singing Strays she were comforting them, and she told the pups that they might return to another GA show::

::The stars of the show are going to the Pla.Styl.Inn nightclub in Saint Petersburg, where both Kazar and Cash from The Singing Strays are DJ’s, and the two friends starts the event with playing Charlie Lownoise and Mental Theo’s ‘Party’.

::The two DJ’s they are starting the show with Locomondo’s Liuibi, Liubi, and the floor it got crowded by dancers already, and Liubi, Liubi got played up till three times that night in the crowded nightclub.


::Some of the guests they were going back to their hotels in the city, as some lovers they were deciding to take a walk along the illuminated streets in Saint Petersburg, as they took a break by some of the many cafés on the streets, and others they chose to be in the nightclub. The party went on until the dawn came over the city, while Kazaa and Lil’ Lightning they were ending the party by playing Tamta’s participant song With Love from the Greek Eurovision Song Contest::


::The scene returns to the exterior of the GA Awards, with Stan Blather talking::

Stan: Friends, it's been a wonderful time here in St. Petersburg. Thanks goes out to all our Russian hosts, and for all the people at Peterhof that made this happen. Until next time, our time's up and we thank you for yours.