::Indy steps out as the film ends::


Indy: Hmm…looks like they forgot to edit in who the winner is. Oh well…


::Indy goes to the podium where he finds the envelope::


Indy: And the winner is…well, thank you! The moderators of the Acorn Café! I'm pleased that y'all like the Café so much, and that you think we've done that good a job of keeping it nice. It's an award that all us moderators will treasure and…


::Indy looks offstage::


Indy: Oh, they want to come up and say thanks too. And here come the rest of the awards.


::Ray Jones, Jeff Parkes, and Framwinkle come up on stage to the applause of the audience. Indy takes his award and makes room for them at the podium::


Jeff: By accepting this award, I must acknowledge that this doesn't just belong to us moderators, but to all at the Cafe who have made it the warm, friendly place that it is. It's like gardening: sometimes we have to cut out a weed, or do some pruning or watering, but for the most part the beauty of the place comes from the flowers themselves. So, to all you Cafe members, thank you for making our job as enjoyable as it is!


::The bespectacled fox squirrel known as Framwinkle gets behind the mic::


Framwinkle: Thank you. I'm glad I can do my part to help make the Cafe a nice place to visit.


::Ray Jones looks a bit out of place standing with the other moderators. Gadget is in his pocket. She gives him a little jab on the shoulder::

Gadget: You need to say something now!

Ray: Erm, well, I feel a bit out of place standing here with the other moderators. I don't really seem to do much moderating. I'm always glad to help if I can - which unfortunately usually just means steering questions and problems to Indy. The odd comment - requests for the calendar - and occasional art bit. Mostly I'm just sort of a ... well ... a presence? Hey, Indy, can I be a presence? That seems suitably non-committal!

::Gadget holds her forehead with her paw and the audience laughs gently. Indy takes the microphone again:;


Indy: Presence or not, we're glad you're here. By the way, we didn't forget Winston. He just didn't want to claim any awards this year, but we're all still glad at how much he helped us out. Thanks everyone!


::The crowds stands and cheers as the Café moderators take their awards and head offstage::